Who is Ashley Black?

Ashley Black, the #1 best-selling author and inventor of the myo-fascial tool phenomenon the FasciaBlaster®, was born in a small town in Alabama in 1973. At a young age, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) which would come in waves of debilitating pain throughout her childhood. She spent her youth in and out of doctor’s offices and was told she would need a wheelchair by age 25.

Determined this would not be her fate, she developed her own coping mechanisms to control her flare-ups and found that food charting, hot and cold baths, self-massaging, stretching, and strength training were effective means of pain management. She began to deny medications in her teens and always knew there was a better way.

Black developed a love for sports and became a competitive athlete – tumbling, dancing, and cheering throughout college and by her early twenties she was teaching 20+ fitness classes a week.

Cellulite Tool


How it all Began

However, life as she knew it came to a screeching halt in her mid-twenties after the birth of her second child when she went into the hospital for a routine procedure and contracted a deadly bone infection that 93% of people in this condition die from. After months of excruciating pain, Black was released from the hospital with a prognosis of a life of disability and pain management drugs.

Refusing to accept her fate once again, she decided to take her health trajectory into her own hands. Black began studying multiple forms of alternative medicine and researching both the known and unexplored facets of human anatomy to find something that could help her.

Discovering Fascia

Using herself as a guinea pig, she discovered that the structural limitations in her body that were causing her intense pain were due to constrictions in the “sheets” of connective tissue – fascia – that connect, penetrate, envelope, and surround every organ, joint, muscle, and system of the body. Utilizing her personal experience, experimentations, research and sheer will, Black developed a fusion of soft tissue therapy, fascia stretching, body mechanics, and core activation techniques to bring a holistic approach to wellness, sports performance, and recovery. Her original insights contributed to the creation of a new realm of science: Fasciology™.


Fasciology and the Fasciablaster

Because her methods were so effective, Black began working with local track athletes to improve their sports performance and overall body function. Her techniques soon caught the attention of the world’s elite who came to rely on Black to treat their injuries in order to win a playoff season, walk the runway, or film a major production. She has worked with Olympic and professional athletes, Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actors, international icons, and supermodels.

Although Black owned clinics and had hired and trained hundreds of practitioners in various Fasciology™ techniques, the number of people she could personally help would always be limited. “It became clear that I needed a tool that would not only allow quick and effective access to the muscles and joints beneath the layers of fascia, but also one that my clients could use to self-treat between sessions to keep their pain at bay,” says Black. She invented the FasciaBlaster® and gifted it to her mostly male pro athletes and high-level clients, who passed it on to their friends and families.

Black discovered another extraordinary side benefit of the FasciaBlaster® when the girlfriend of one of her MLB clients called to say, “that stick got rid of my cellulite!” Medical experts agree that cellulite is essentially fat pushing up through the webbed fascia (like a pillow pushed up against a chain link fence), but until the invention of the FasciaBlaster®, the health, medical, and beauty industries were not focused on addressing fascia. “Fascia people don’t study cellulite, and cellulite people don’t study fascia. The whole world just missed it,” says Black.


Black took the FasciaBlaster® to market in March of 2015 and her following exploded as users began experiencing life-changing results in aesthetics, pain management, and overall health. Scientific studies were conducted on women of various ages and body types, documenting amazing 30, 60 and 90 day results from using the tools.

The Cellulite Myth

Black started a private female Facebook group for women in February 2016 that has organically grown to be one of the largest women’s only groups on that platform with 350,000 members. In the group, women can see real time results and testimonies from other users while receiving advice and support from Black and her team about posture, proper alignment, “cellulite” and fascia. The group has become a community of support and encouragement for women as they transform their health and learn to love their bodies. Their thirst for knowledge about fascia inspired Black to write her #1 national best-selling book, "The Cellulite Myth: it's not fat, it's fascia", published in February 2017.


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FasciaBlaster FasciaBlaster

“The mission,” says Black, “is to help others who, like me, were diagnosed a lifetime of pain and need a solution where one isn’t being offered. We’ve been able to create an incredibly passionate movement with such momentum, and I think that’s because we’re offering something that truly works. My sole purpose is to ensure that the knowledge of fascia spreads to everyone that can benefit from this movement – something that I’m incredibly proud to lead.”

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