Ways to Heat

by Ashley Black


If you’ve been anywhere near Planet Fasciology™ in the recent years, you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of heating before and during your FasciaBlasting sessions. You’ve been told it’s important, but this blog will explain why heat is important, how to build up a tolerance to heat, and specifics on how to heat up!


In order to effectively perform soft tissue treatment and access the deeper layers of fascia, I recommend you heat both internally with cardio, as well as with an external source of heat.




Heat can help increase circulation and puts the fascia in a more malleable state–that’s why you see such a drastic change in your results when you heat up previously. But it’s not just about the tissue becoming more pliable; it’s about preparing the tissue for optimal restoration. When you heat both internally and externally, it can cause positive changes all throughout your body.


My ideal, in-depth FasciaBlaster® treatment includes the steps shown in this video, but even if you only have a few minutes to warm up with cardio and then jump in your sauna or shower, that’s okay.



In addition, heating can help:

  • increase blood flow
  • increase your metabolic rate
  • increase oxygen
  • increase the extensibility of collagen tissues
  • decrease joint stiffness, pain, and inflammation
  • relieve muscle tension and spasms
  • aid in the post-acute phase of healing


For more information on heating, please refer to page 138 of my best-selling book “The Cellulite Myth“.




Internal Heating

You can heat up internally with cardiovascular exercise. I recommend starting with at least 5-10 minutes of low-impact cardio such as swimming or getting on a stationary bike, elliptical machine, or the Gazelle®.


External Heating

Here are some of my favorite ways to heat while FasciaBlasting:

  • Sauna (any type is fine)
  • Steam room
  • Hot bath or shower
  • Sauna suit
  • Heating pads
  • Space or room heaters


I’m all for any heating method you choose, but as a general precaution please be aware of fire hazards and overheating. Go at your own pace, and feel free to take breaks from the heat source as you feel are needed. You’ll want to build up a tolerance to heat if you haven’t already.


Proper hydration is crucial, especially when you’ve been exposed to external heat. Please drink plenty of water and be sure to also incorporate electrolytes!  My preferred electrolytes are Nunn tablets, but I’m coming out with my own brand of “Cellectrolytes™” (coming soon!)