How to Use the FasciaBlaster®

by Ashley Black

Feeling overwhelmed with all the FasciaBlaster® info and resources? Here’s the 411!



How to use the FasciaBlaster®

Woman Fasciablasting Lower BackHopefully you’ve read my blogs, watched my video tutorials, listened to my radio shows, and read my book, but in case you haven’t, please read these resources first:








Woman Fascialblasting Inner Knee

Step 1: Warm Up!!!

  • Warm up internally with about 15 minutes of low-impact cardio.
  • Warm up externally with a hot shower, bath, sauna, or heating pads.

The body and fascia LOVE heat because it increases circulation and also puts the fascia in a more pliable state. I recommend warming up externally with about 10-15 minutes of cardio and then get in the sauna or a hot bath or shower for best results! Alternatively, you can use heating pads, a space heater, sweat suits or just steam up your bathroom. The point is just to get HOT! Click here for more information on heating.






Blaster Oils

Step 2: Strip Down and Oil Up!


The FasciaBlaster® is designed to work on BARE SKIN with oil. You can use any oil that does not absorb easily, but my personal favorite is my own Blaster Oil™ and After Blaster cream. The Blaster Oil™ is specifically designed for FasciaBlasting and is compounded with 3 algaes that have shown to burn stored fat which helps with the visible reduction of cellulite. It also smells like an ocean day!







Step 3: Bust it out

Get your FasciaBlaster® and oil out, put on your favorite playlist, grab some water and your blasting buddy if you have one, and get started!

Spray a non-absorbant oil onto your bare skin and use the FasciaBlaster® to gently glide over the skin. Use up and down and side to side motions in every direction – just not in circles. Remember that it’s important that you ease in and use appropriate pressure if you’re just starting out!

This tutorial playlist will show you the proper techniques:


Step 4: Recovery – Flush & Activate

Flushing Forearm

Allowing for ample recovery time is vital to obtaining the best results.

Flushing after your FasciaBlasting sessions will help to improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Activating your muscles after FasciaBlasting will help increase the blood flow to the muscles and condition the muscles that have been compressed by tight fascia, allowing you to achieve the smooth, toned look you’re after. Click here for more information on isometric exercises.








The how, how, and how:

Woman Holding Fasciablaster

How hard: FasciaBlasting can be a little painful at first, so you’ll want to start off light and brisk to open up those initial layers of fascia. Once you’ve been FasciaBlasting frequently for a few weeks (at least 10 sessions in each area), you can start going a bit deeper and work your way up to a little more pressure. On a pain scale from 1 to 10, you should stay at a 2-4. Never go harder than a 7, and be sure to ease into treatment!

How long: I recommend blasting 2-5 minutes per “fascia zone”. You’ll see the skin turning red from increased blood flow – that’s another good indicator that you’ve spent enough time in that zone. Eventually, you can work up to 10 minutes per area.

How often:  You can FasciaBlast as often as you’d like, just be careful not to blast over bruised or sore areas. Some love to FasciaBlast every day, while others simply can’t find the time! Also, don’t get stuck on just one area. We have fascia all over the body with interconnected lines, meaning that tight fascia in one area can be affecting another. Ultimately, you are the artist and you will find what works best for you! Click here for a sample FasciaBlasting schedule!



What to Expect

If you’ve never manipulated your fascia before, you may not know what to expect. It’s understandable that you might “freak out” about some of the ways your body reacts to the treatment. We want you to know what is common and normal in the aftermath of a FasciaBlasting session.


Bruises – Bruising after FasciaBlasting is a TOTALLY normal, healthy part of the restorative process!

Different Types of Fascia

Be sure to read the News on the Bruise so you fully understand the science behind the bruises associated with FasciaBlasting and learn what to do for recovery. Don’t worry, the bruises will fade in a few days, and in a few months, once your fascia is restored, bruising will be reduced to a minimum.

While bruising IS normal, you also don’t want to overdo it! If you see some dark bruises the following day, ease up and go a little lighter next time and see how your body reacts. Like I said, you’ll eventually work up to deeper treatment, but you should ease into treatment and open up one layer of fascia at a time. Here are some ways to know when you’re ready for deeper treatment.

Remember to always let any bruised or sore areas heal before blasting them again. Do NOT FasciaBlast over any bruises or sore areas, because that’s where the fascial adhesions have been broken up and need time to recover and heal. You can FasciaBlast other areas of your body in the meantime.





Swelling of the Knee

Soreness – The next day you’ll probably be sore (good sore, like a post-workout sore), and the soreness may remain for a few days. You may also feel tingly due to enhanced blood flow/circulation.


Swelling – Some light swelling and inflammation is also completely normal! Fret not, it will go down in the next couple of days and the results will be revealed!


Side note: the After Blaster cream is AMAZING for recovery — it has a high-quality Arnica to help accelerate recovery and reduce the look of bruising. It also has a skin tightening ingredient that is sure to give you an extra boost!





Glass of Water

Detox – SOME people will feel dizzy, nauseous and like they have a mild cold or flu for the first couple days. This is part of the initial detox process, so don’t freak out! Drink a LOT of water, make sure you’re getting proper nutrition, hydration, and rest and you’ll be feeling back to normal in good time!


Amazingness – Many of our users report higher energy levels, better muscle performance and recovery, smoother, healthier skin, less pain, and improved function and range of motion. Click here to hear from our users!








To fully understand the fascial system and how it interplays with every system of the body, read my #1 National Bestselling book “The Cellulite Myth: it’s not fat, it’s FASCIA”.

Learn how fascia affects pain, fat, muscles, nerves, blood flow, and of course, cellulite, WHY fascia becomes unhealthy, how to self-evaluate fascial recoil and RESTORE it, and WHAT to expect during the process.




Be Sure to Visit the Tutorials Page for Video Tutorials!

Here is a playlist to teach you how to use the FasciaBlaster® on your legs:
Woman Fasciablasting Her Knee


Here is a playlist to teach you how to use the FasciaBlaster® on your arms:

Woman Fasciablasting Her Forearm


Here is a playlist to teach you how to use the FasciaBlaster® on your tummy:

Woman Fasciablasting Her Abs


Here is a playlist to teach you how to use the FasciaBlaster® on your butt:

Woman Fasciablasting Her Butt


Here is a playlist to teach you how to use the FasciaBlaster® on your back:

Woman Fasciablasting her Back


Here is a playlist to teach you how to use the FasciaBlaster® on your shoulders and neck:

Woman Fasciablasting Her Neck


So there you have it people: the foolproof guide to successful FasciaBlasting!

As you’re preparing for the FasciaBlasting process, make sure you’re inwardly prepared for the amazing new body you’re going to have and the new, pain-free, youthful you with an extra boost of self-esteem! You can thank me later!

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