Ashley Black

Fixing the Top 7 Running Injuries

  Welcome runners and athletes! If you don’t know anything about me, I overcame a[...]

Ashley Black

The FasciaBlaster® and Detoxing

  Independent studies indicate that the FasciaBlaster® products are safe for use and do[...]

Ashley Black

Pain Relief

  Pain is a very subjective term, and everyone experiences pain in their own unique way.[...]

Ashley Black

Short and Long-Term Hormonal Responses t[...]

I am not a hormone specialist, I am a fascia specialist. We all agree hormones are very tricky[...]

Ashley Black

90-Day Study Photographic Results

  We are so excited to FINALLY bring you these photographs from our 90-day independent[...]

Ashley Black

The FasciaBlaster’s Effects on Inflamm[...]

We are thrilled to announce the FasciaBlaster® has shown to reduce inflammation in a recent[...]

Ashley Black

The FasciaBlaster’s Effect on Subcutan[...]

  Using the FasciaBlaster can officially reduce cellulite and thickness of your[...]

Ashley Black

The FasciaBlaster’s Effects on Resting[...]

Using the FasciaBlaster can assist in weight loss efforts and cosmetic and fat reduction, as[...]

Ashley Black

Post-blasting Discomfort

    If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know all about fascia, its function,[...]

Ashley Black

FasciaBlaster® Findings

In late 2016, Ashley Black Guru conducted the first formal FasciaBlaster® device independent[...]

Ashley Black

Ways to Heat

  If you’ve been anywhere near Planet Fasciology™ in the recent years, you’ve[...]

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