Ashley Black

Nugget & Mini2™ Techniques

These Nugget and Mini2™ techniques are to help you get the best results from your Nugget,[...]

Ashley Black

Pain & Fascia

Have you ever had a massage, adjustment, acupuncture, steroid shot, or therapy session that[...]

Ashley Black

FaceBlaster™ Protocols

The much awaited FaceBlaster™ has finally launched to the public! We’re so excited to[...]

Ashley Black

Fit Fascia Challenge

Whether you’re just getting started with your FasciaBlaster® journey, or you’re[...]

Ashley Black

Types of Cellulite – how to identi[...]

If you’re reading this blog, hopefully that means you already know a bit about me, the[...]

Ashley Black

Fascia Zones

The Fascia Zones – where to use the FasciaBlaster®:   To make sure you’re hitting[...]

Ashley Black

Weight Loss & Fascia

In this day and age where everyone seems to be pressed for time and in a rush, making[...]

Ashley Black

Cellulite is a Myth

Cellulite, a tale as old as time; those unsightly dimples and dents that we are all too[...]

Ashley Black

Fat Loss, Fat Lysis, & the FasciaBl[...]

Our recent scientific findings show a reduction of subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat between[...]

Ashley Black

The News on the Bruise

The FasciaBlaster® can cause bruising, plain and simple. If you’re a consistent user,[...]

Ashley Black

How to Get RID of Migraines & Tensi[...]

If you’re one of the more than 37 million Americans who suffer from migraines, you’ll[...]

Ashley Black

How to Use the FasciaBlaster®

Feeling overwhelmed with all the FasciaBlaster® info and resources? Here’s the 411!  [...]

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