Ashley Black

Types of Cellulite – How to Identi[...]

If you’re reading this blog, hopefully that means you already know a bit about me, the[...]

Ashley Black

Fascia Zones

  The Fascia Zones – where to use the FasciaBlaster®: Fascia is found all[...]

Ashley Black

Weight Loss & Fascia

Even if you’re working with trainers, exercising faithfully and doing all the “right”[...]

Ashley Black

Cellulite is a Myth

  Cellulite, a tale as old as time; those unsightly dimples and dents that we are all too[...]

Ashley Black

The News on the Bruise

The FasciaBlaster®, just like many soft tissue treatments, can cause bruising after use due to[...]

Ashley Black

How to Address Tension Headaches

Most treatments and medications simply “manage” the symptoms instead of addressing the root[...]

Ashley Black

How to Use the FasciaBlaster®

Feeling overwhelmed with all the FasciaBlaster® info and resources? Here’s the 411!  [...]

Ashley Black

How to Get a Heart Shaped Butt

YOU ARE NOT BOUND BY YOUR GENETICS! You CAN design and shape your butt by addressing the[...]

Ashley Black

The Science of the FasciaBlaster® Revol[...]

By Bart Jameson MAT, ATC, LAT, CSCS   Introduction:   This is a review of the current[...]

Ashley Black

Plantar Fasciitis: Debunking the Myths

IS THERE A FIX FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS?   If you have received the diagnosis of Plantar[...]

Ashley Black

Get F’d!

FOOD, FITNESS, FASCIA, FREEDOM To learn a little bit more about me and the Ashley Black[...]

Ashley Black

Address the Root Cause of IT BAND Syndro[...]

Your probably wondering what ITB Syndrome is, and why it sounds so complicated? Simply put, ITB[...]

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