Ashley Black

What is “Worse Before Better”[...]

  What is “worse before better”?   If you’re reading this article, it’s safe[...]

Ashley Black

90-Day Study Photographic Results

We are so excited to FINALLY bring you these photographs from our 90-day study in Tampa,[...]

Ashley Black

FaceBlaster™ Protocols

The much awaited FaceBlaster™ has finally launched to the public!  I’ve been using the[...]

Ashley Black

Fit Fascia

Whether you’re just getting started with your FasciaBlaster® journey, or you’re[...]

Ashley Black

Weight Loss & Fascia

  In this day and age where everyone seems to be pressed for time and in a rush,[...]

Ashley Black

Cellulite is a Myth

  Cellulite, a tale as old as time; those unsightly dimples and dents that we are all too[...]

Ashley Black

The News on the Bruise

The FasciaBlaster® can cause bruising, plain and simple. If you’re a consistent user,[...]

Ashley Black

How to Use the FasciaBlaster®

Feeling overwhelmed with all the FasciaBlaster® info and resources? Here’s the 411!  [...]

Ashley Black

Steps Towards A More Heart Shaped Butt

    YOU ARE NOT BOUND BY YOUR GENETICS!   The shape of your butt CAN be designed[...]

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