The FasciaBlaster® and Detoxing

by Ashley Black


In a study testing the FasciaBlasters products and protocols, blood testing was negative for any signs of tissue damage or adverse health effects.



During our 90-day study, we did blood analyses to test the FasciaBlaster’s effects on the liver, kidney, inflammatory markers, hormones, organs, and other systems of the body that would indicate adverse physiological effects. The test results showed no signs of trauma to any system of the body, showing that the body responded safely and positively to FasciaBlasting.





We are aware of various post-blasting “detox” symptoms and are continuing to monitor and research the etiology behind the many of these symptoms. We candidly discuss our theories in this live video:

Any exercise or body work program can cause side effects, so please see our FAQs for post FasciaBlasting symptoms. Also, please understand that if you have ANY pre-existing condition, you should discuss any new exercise program and using the FasciaBlaster® products (or similar) with your trusted healthcare provider. Feel free to show them the research findings to help them decide if the FasciaBlaster® devices and protocols are right for you. 






We believe that toxins that have been trapped in the body from years and years of lifestyle choices can potentially be released with any fascia or myofascial treatments. Not enough research has been conducted yet to enable us to understand every possible combination of symptoms that can occur from soft tissue manipulation, but we know that during the 90-day study, blood analysis was negative for any indicators of tissue damage or adverse physiological effects, even though the participants followed an intense, at-home 90-day FasciaBlasting protocol. In addition, the ultrasound images suggest a dramatic restoration of the fascia tissue.



If you’re concerned about any post FasciaBlasting symptoms, we recommend you discontinue use of the FasciaBlaster®, rest, drink lots of water and take electrolytes to hydrate. If symptoms subside within a few days, it is probably “detox”. If you are comfortable continuing through the “detox” symptoms, ease back into your FasciaBlaster® treatments at a controlled rate to minimize the symptoms, and try treating smaller areas of the body. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.







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