Fascia Zones

by Ashley Black

The Fascia Zones – protocols for using the FasciaBlaster®:


To make sure you’re hitting every area, follow this sample FasciaBlasting regimen:

    1. The front of your right thigh
    2. The front of your left thigh
    3. The back of the right thigh
    4. The back of the left thigh
    5. Right IT Band
    6. Left IT Band
    7. Inner Right Thigh
    8. Inner Left Thigh
    9. Right Lower Leg
    10. Left Lower Leg
    11. Right Saddlebag
    12. Left Saddlebag
    13. Right Glute/Hammy Tie-in
    14. Left Glute/Hammy Tie-in
    15. Right Glute
    16. Left Glute
    17. Stomach
    18. Right Love Handle
    19. Left Love Handle
    20. Right Arm
    21. Left Arm
    22. Chest
    23. Right Neck
    24. Left Neck
    25. Back of Neck
    26. Head
    27. Hands
    28. Feet
    29. Back


  • You should spend around of 2-5 minutes FasciaBlasting each fascia zone. Any single area can be worked on for up to 10 minutes. Click here for tutorials!

Watch this video to learn how much pressure to apply with the FasciaBlaster®:

You can also use this disarming technique for any sensitive or painful areas:

  • It’s so important to FasciaBlast your whole body! Since fascia runs in lines, tight fascia in one area may cause pain or tightness in another! While you may not be able to do a full body session every day, you can alternate areas every few days (pick several zones to do 1 day and several zones the next day, etc.). If you only want to focus on your trouble areas (where you have the most “dimples” or adhered fascia), you can work on them more often (providing the area is not sore or bruised!).  Click here for tutorials


  • Initially, you might experience light to severe bruising after FasciaBlasting – this is normal! Wait a few days for the bruises to heal (until they’re no longer painful) before you FasciaBlast the area again. Read “The News on the Bruise” for more information! I also came out with an amazing “After Blaster” lotion that contains high-quality arnica to help with recovery!


  • For best results, heat up internally with 10-15 minutes of cardio and then use an external heat source while FasciaBlasting – such as a sauna, hot bath or shower, heating pads, a room heater, sauna suits, etc. This puts the fascia is a more malleable state and you’ll see way better results.

  • The FasciaBlaster® should be only used on bare skin with a “slippery” oil that doesn’t absorb. I personally prefer my own “Blaster Oil” as it contains fat burners and skin tightening agents that speed up the process!
Blaster Oil & After Blaster Oil

Blaster Oil & After Blaster Oil


  • To break up fascial adhesions, scrub the FasciaBlaster up and down and side to side in light, brisk motions over a relaxed muscle. To break up fat cells, contract the muscle while you FasciaBlast. You can do BOTH in the same session as shown in this video:


  • If you normally foam roll, do so AFTER using the FasciaBlaster®


For more step-by-step guidelines please read: