This tool is nothing short of amazing. It has helped with scar tissue and nerve pain from numerous surgeries, not to mention smoothing out my lumpy skin. I am hooked for life. Thank you, Ashley. You have changed me for the better!

Bee bee scar reduced in one blast of maybe 10 minutes’s amazing! It’s been there since I was probably 17.

Ashley Black is an amazingly beautiful woman both inside & out. She goes out of her way to help others using her immense knowledge of human antimony, particularly fascia. Ashley’s Fascia Blaster is a wonderful tool to help sculpt the body, as well as relieve pain from scar tissue and stiff joints. As a person with many heath issues including Chiari Malformation, Ashley has helped show me ways to use her Fascia Blaster to manipulate problem areas on my neck, shoulders and back. I highly recommend both her Fascia Blaster, as well as consulting with her or a member of her team for more information about how Ashley’s system could benefit you.

Fasciablaster Results Fasciablaster Results Fasciablaster Results
Fasciablaster Results Fasciablaster Results
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