Adrienne M


I have been using the Fascia Blaster since April 2016. In that time I have seen major improvements in my legs and back. I drive all day for my job so I notice less cramping and aches at night because of increase blood flow. I highly recommend her products. She personally provides great support and tips on her private page and also you tube videos.

Jme G


The blood flow starts immediately! I have only used it twice, yes I have bruised but that just means I am doing it right! I am an executive consultant for Rodan and Fields, a wonderful skin care line and will encourage my customers to use this product for skin care as well!! I had a complete knee replacement recently and have real tight IT bands! The FaciaBlaster has relieved me from this pain! Love, Love Love it!!

Chasity DB


The benefit that has been the most amazing so far is my knee pain being gone. My knees have ached for years when I sit for extended periods and since I have a desk job that is all the time. It is the most painful when I drive on trips. We are a military family and do a lot of traveling to see family. This past weekend we went home for a very short visit, I probably logged 16+ hours driving and my knees did not hurt once. I honestly couldn't believe it. My desk job has done a number on my circulation and the FasciaBlaster has been a life saver in fixing this. My hair growth had even slowed to a snail's pace and now it's back to normal. Like any product this one is probably not for everyone but considering it only has about a 1% dissatisfaction rate I would say you would be a fool not to try it if you want to. Just don't be like the ones that have used it without taking advantage of the tons of info Ashley has put out there, it is not a quick fix and takes time and patience as any good thing we do for our health should!

Jennifer G


Reduction in cellulite, reshaping of my disfigured right lower leg, better circulation therefore reducing the swellling in my leg with lymphedema (I hope to fully release the blockage), skin tightening, fat blasting in ab like mini lipo sessions, my stomach and pouch are going up and in, instead of just hanging like when I previously lost a significant amount of weight.

Jenn P


I'm still bruising when I use mine but the restless leg symptoms are gone. Yay!!

Diane C


I have been blasting for about 7 months.... I have my 3 daughters blasting with me.... I can not say enough good things about the FasciaBlaster.... I have always worked out and ate pretty good... But I had stubborn cellulite and my skin was beginning to look my age (50 at the time) I was depressed.... First month of using the Blaster my skin looked tone, firmer and my circulation was much improved.... At the time I started blasting I was going to the dr. for regular spider veins after a month of blasting my dr. could not find anything to treat.... asked me what I was doing different.... I told her and she too now uses the blaster..... My 3 daughters all use the blaster and I love seeing the positive change in their lives.... I thank Ashley from the bottom of my heart for giving us the power to be in control of our bodies and health.... I love our Fascia group for the positive encouragement it provides.... Just cant say enough good things..... LOVE <3 LOVE <3 LOVE #ImWithHer

Michelle W


It's working! I'm seeing a reduction in spider veins, my cellulite is softening and smoothing, and my problem low back is becoming less of a problem.

Julie TS


How interesting. I have veins on one leg that I've had for 30 years. The more I blast the more they fade. My legs are finally turning pink when I Fascia Blast - I think they're saying thank you!

Susanna V


This tool has completely changed so many aspects of my body I can't believe it. I am so so so thankful for finding Ashley Black! So many aches and pains have gone away. I've always has horrible circulation in my limbs that was actually painful and that's all completely gone. I feel amazing! Not to mention my cellulite has finally found it's nemesis. I have way more muscle definition. I feel like for the first time in my life I can love my body, both the way I feel and the way I look.

Rosette L


I love it! I have severe pain from lactic acid in my muscles from lifting so heavy with my legs and buttocks. And the fascia blaster helps with circulation and eases the pain away! It's very painful at first but you get use to it.

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