Lee Ann V


I've only been blasting about 3 weeks, but I can already see major changes in my thighs, neck and face! I first ordered the Mini 2, and today, I ordered the big one! Excited to see what the future holds!

Kelly J


I love Ashley Black, her products and her mission. I've always been active and health conscious. Sometimes thinner than others and have finally realized why it was do hard to lose weight. It was my bad fascia. I'm beyond bound and have been consistently using my blasters for 6 months. I'm in my worse before better stages but I have managed to totally cure my neck tension/pain that no doctor or chiropractor was ever able to help me with without prescriptions. I have found the source of most of my pain (knee, hip, shoulder, neck) and have a plan with instructions on how to resolve it. The science makes sense and this has worked for me and will be part of my self care regimen forever. Not every medication works for everyone, right? We are all different and respond differently to all treatments. As unfortunate as it is that this process doesn't work for some people, I am so very thankful for Ashley and the amazing knowledge that she gives.

Roxanne M


I love this!! Noticing an immediate difference on my neck/ décolleté area. Knee area and thighs need more time.

Kristin A


I love my fascia blaster so much! I'm seeing Improvement in my skin and fascia daily. For years I've had neck pain/strain issues and for the first time ever, I am symptom free. The true gift of this product is that we have access to a wealth of information. Ashley is genuinely involved and passionate about what she is sharing with us. She is beyond generous in her consumer engagement and always available for encouragement or advice. Highly recommend!

Tina G


I was looking like a prune! When you have a hubby that is 14 years's terrifying! I am ever grateful. The sagginess is firming up, the neck rolls are gone!

Julie TS


Use the FaceBlaster 7 times. I blast my entire face and neck and finish with an ice bath. The forehead wrinkles are going, my jawline is improving, and my lips are fuller and the lip line is returning. I'm 57 years old. #GrandmasWhoWearBikinis

Jayne PM


I used my FB on my face for 20 min while watching a show. The results are amazing. I'm essaging Ashley with pics since I can't post them here. Maybe she can attach them. Seriously, 20 min and it's CRAZY! There were wrinkles there on the corners of my mouth and "jowls"...they are smoothed out!! I can't believe it, but it's true. Best $ I EVER spent just for THAT! Will start on other areas and document them as well!

Emily F


Cystic acne is healing and the scars are fading. Jaw tension is noticing, still popping some as it has since age 12, but it's not getting locked in place anymore. Migraines drastic improvement! Again, only 29 but my face was aging much faster, and now it's  slowing down and reversing! It feels amazing not to just look tired and puffy and miserable.

Stefanie G


Has helped my morning stiffness and improved the look of my skin. Thank you!!

Eva R


Yes it really works! One month in and I a already noticing a soothing change in my legs and stomach. I'm 55 years old so the skin on my face was thinning and saggy. I say WAS because after just this first month my skin is less thin feeling, jawline is becoming more prominent and losing some of my double chin. I'm working on my marionette and laugh lines as well. I have a long way to go but after only one month feel that I already am a satisfied customer. So glad I gave this a try before botox.

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