Becky H


Only have had it a couple of weeks, but I can already tell a difference. Better range of motion and flexibility. I love this tool!

Brandalyn B


Love, love, love this product! Makes such a difference in my mobility and range of motion when it used in conjunction with exercise. Helps minimize soreness between weight training sessions as well! Awesome product! You won't be disappointed!

Dana P


I bought the mini 2 and I love it! I love the way it gets in there and breaks everything up. I feel better and more flexible.

Mercedes W


\I'm a massage therapist for MMA fighters. I'm an athlete as well. A mom of 3. My specialty is myofascial release this has not only saved my own body working on myself but has completely changed the game for my fighters who now have increased flexibility blood flow and reduction of pain. This is prolonging my massage career by saving my hands from having to manually release the fascia. 100% recommend to everyone

Kim T


Best thing I have ever trusted in!! I had my doubts but my renewed flexibility has me convinced of this device and it's changed my life.

Cindi S


Never knew about fascia and the role it plays with health and beauty. My body feels so much better and my range of motion has increased substantially. Thank you Ashley for sharing and educating in such a positive environment.

Stefanie G


Has helped my morning stiffness and improved the look of my skin. Thank you!!

Jenny S


I have only had my mini 2 and large blaster for 3-4 weeks but I do have complete confidence in this product. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my faceblaster as well! I feel so much looser, more flexible, less leg and back pain after my full body blasts. It is night and day. It IS exhausting so I feel I can count this as a bit of a workout! I do feel it will obliterate my cellulite but in all honesty, it is the pain management and healing that I most covet. So aesthetics are a bonus!! I am SO grateful to everyone for the videos and guidance! Also I honestly do appreciate keeping the positive vibes on the FB page. It is VITAL to stay focused and as positive as I can, I honestly believe this is also necessary for healing. So THANK YOU, Ashley Black and all the wonderful people who work with you!!!

Julia B


Definitely feeling looser, and more flexible. Only a week in, but seeing some changes in my BB thighs!!!

Rana R


I love my FasciaBlaster! I've been using it for a few months now and I definitely feel better and less tight, especially in my neck, shoulders, upper back, and legs. Thank you, Ashley!

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