Timberly A


The only tool that has gotten rid of my carpal tunnel pain as well as provided me with more smoother youthful skin. A lot of work and can be pain BUT anything worth having is worth putting in the work. The benefits are worth its weight in Gold. Thanks Ashley and her wonderful staff.

Ally W


I can't say enough about this awesome product! I have tried many things out there and spent more than I would like to admit to try get rid of my cellulite and firm up the skin... Let me just say, not only has it helped alleviate my back pain, but my cellulite is diminishing as we speak!!! I've also noticed a huge difference in my skin elasticity. Thank you so much #AshleyBlackGuru!!!  

Danielle D


I've had my fascia blaster for 2 months now and I'm not looking back! This tool is life changing! I was told 18 years ago that the only way I could get rid of my tummy overhang was by getting a tummy tuck. I was told that the fascia tore and that is the only solution. I saw a definite change in 4 days. I also have gotten rid of horrible chunks in my back that my massage therapist has been working on for years. Totally worth every penny!

Roxanne M


I love this!! Noticing an immediate difference on my neck/ décolleté area. Knee area and thighs need more time.

Laura RD


Two weeks in and my muffin top is gone in my new smaller pants, can't wait to see what happens next. I think my mommy tummy may finally go away! I was worried because I had lost skin elasticity after losing 78 pounds in the last two years but it seems to be improving in just two weeks. Hoping results keep getting even better!

Jayne PM


I used my FB on my face for 20 min while watching a show. The results are amazing. I'm essaging Ashley with pics since I can't post them here. Maybe she can attach them. Seriously, 20 min and it's CRAZY! There were wrinkles there on the corners of my mouth and "jowls"...they are smoothed out!! I can't believe it, but it's true. Best $ I EVER spent just for THAT! Will start on other areas and document them as well!

Ana Luisa P


I would give more stars if possible. It has done many great things for me. Got rid of my forehead wrinkles, de-bloated my belly, got rid of arm wrinkles and cellulite, treats arm and hand pain, treats plantar fasciitis, loosened cramps in my calf muscles, and it's an amazing scalp massager, just to name a few. Softens my skin and makes me feel beautiful! I'm walking 500 miles in Spain starting this September. My Mini blaster is the first thing I'm packing.

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