Erika F


After my roller stopped working, my body worker used this one. I decided to give it a try. Best thing I have bought. it get places rollers don't and gets deep. I'm also an equestrian and its amazing pre or post ride to help with tightness that occurs between the shoulder blades and all over my legs. I feel it has really Cut back on my recovery time. Also been using on old injuries to break up tissue and have noticed a difference there as well.

Jannette G


I have noticed a lot more shape in my quads especially around my knees. Working like crazy on my hammies and they are starting to carve. I have been lifting for a long time and now getting to enjoy the hard work.

Noe S


Love how it's helping me carve out certain spots and bring range of motion back too! I feel sooooo much better after blasting. Thank You Ashley Black!!!!!

Mercedes W


\I'm a massage therapist for MMA fighters. I'm an athlete as well. A mom of 3. My specialty is myofascial release this has not only saved my own body working on myself but has completely changed the game for my fighters who now have increased flexibility blood flow and reduction of pain. This is prolonging my massage career by saving my hands from having to manually release the fascia. 100% recommend to everyone

Mike S


Excellent product, I use my GFs Fascia Blaster on my arms where I have had lots of injuries from working out. This product helps get me back in the gym. I am also having to go to therapy less. I highly recommend this.

Angela K


For my fitness friends out there...FYI I bought ine almost a month ago, and I've been extremely consistent with using it, the foam rollers up and gathering dust in my living room!! Since using the Fasciablaster, I have noticed a huge difference in the definition in my arms and my legs!!

Joanna N


I love my Fascia Blaster!! After working out for years with top trainers and in top clubs, I realized I wasn't toning up because I didn't have full access to my muscles. I also had a chronic knee injury as a result. Surgery, meds, Ashley's expertise has changed my life! I can feel the muscles in my legs working in ways they never have. And the FasciaBlaster gives such quick results that I can literally fit better in my clothes on the same day I use it! Love, love, love it!!! Oh, and I no longer have chronic knee pain.

Catherine H


I started using the blaster about 3 weeks ago. I use it every other day and am a bit firm with it. The results have been amazing! My thighs are smooth (almost cellulite free) and the muscles are already showing more. I've been using it mainly on my thighs and bum, but plan to branch out a bit to other parts of my body. Thanks, Ashley!!

Doris F


I'm 63 and have been using this for about a month. Just got my first compliment on my legs this weekend while wearing shorts. Love it.

Claire S


I feel my body working better and more effectively since using the FasciaBlaster! I've always had the hardest time accessing and firing certain muscle groups and now when I work out I feel a significant difference!

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