I feel better and better every time I use it! My wrist feels more functional and I have less pain than before. I no longer get cramps in my calfs at night (which was becoming a frequent occurrence) and I can see/feel differences in my thighs and stomach. I cannot wait to post the before and after photos! Thank you @ashleyblackguru for helping my body get back to how it's supposed to feel!

Jenny C


I have to say the FasciaBlaster has done wonders for me. It has eliminated my upper back pain, my hump is completely reduced, my arms feel amazing. My next mission is to conquer my planter faciitis on my right foot... I market this tool so much to friends, family and on Facebook on a scale from 1-10, I give the FasciaBlaster an 11.

Katita C


I had knee surgery yrs ago, and always woke up with terrible leg PAIN!! I used the fascia blaster on my legs and for the first time in yrs I woke up and jumped out of bed with NO LEG PAIN EVER!! I feel as if I could go for a run!! Thank u Ashley!!

Andrea G


I initially purchased the Fascia Blaster to rid my legs of dimples...I had no idea it would help with my overall health!! My blood pressure is down, my Lyme disease is at bay, my fibromyalgia pain is so much better! I've went from 27 different medications down to 9 in less than a year!!! I thank God every day for Ashley Black and the amazing tool she created for people like me!!!! Best money I have ever spent!!!

Susan P


My testimony would be too long to write. I will just say that knee surgery was cancelled, restless leg syndrome is no longer an affliction and this summer this 56 year old will be back in shorts. Oh yes, my legs look better than my 120#, very attractive, 30 year old daughter. Thank you Ashley Black for caring enough to share your God given talents and blessings!

Amy C


I am feeling benefits after 4 sessions! Not only am I already getting pain relief from a crushed L1, but the amazing relaxation I feel after a before bed session is already helping me cut back on my nightly handful of tylenol pm. I look like I've been beat up because of all the bruising, but I look forward to my blast session each day. My lumpy thighs and arms are already starting to look and feel better too.

Candi B


I've only used it a total of 5x & the knot that I had at the base of my neck, between my shoulders that was hard. I was told it was a buildup of calcium deposit. I blasted it & its almost completely gone!!!!

Roxy R


Hands down a necessity if you have a body! The changes in well being as well as aesthetic differences are incredible! My pain issues from muscle over use are a thing of the past, so is the edema doctors couldn't diagnose in my ankles. I have never been happier. The support Ashley provides is incoparable. Thank you is not enough for the benefits I have received for such a nominal investment.

Karen K


Cory did my shoulders and neck tonight my right shoulder and neck have been killing e since November and 5 minutes of FasciaBlasting and the shooting pain from my shoulder thru my neck and into the back of my head is gone! Usually take 8 aspirin a day and 4 before I go to bed to help with the pain so I can fall asleep. Don't feel the need tonight! Love it!

Faith F


I adore this thing. It has gotten rid of pain without meds, and I despise taking any kind of muscle relaxers or painkillers. I had a bad episode from pulling my back 6 days before I got my blaster. I got it and 10 minutes into targeting the problem areas, my arm stopped being numb and I had opened up the neck. I use it on my clients, I've used it on my sons calves that get tight.. I pretty much will blast anyone that is close enough to this. lol

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