Leslie M


Huge dent in my thigh from being kicked by a horse, is gone ! I have 2 more of these dents to work on. Much of my all over body pain has been reduced. Thank you!

Alicia M


I love love love this product. I use it just about every other day. Yes, I'm addicted to it. I'll admit it proudly. I work in a Chiropractic clinic and I have told and even demonstrated on several patients about how great this tool is to relieve tension and alleviate pain and help break up knots of scar tissue. I initially bought mine 5 months ago for the purpose of reducing the appearance of cellulite. It works wonders for that too. What a blessing the fascia blaster is. Thanks Ashley for all the great tutorial videos to show all the wonderful things the Fascia Blaster can do.

Tamara T


It has truly helped break up the scar tissue from my back surgeries. Omg girl there's days i would cry every day that I wasn't medicated. Now I can tolerate it better. Of course pain isn't gone completely my back is full of metal but I don't drown myself in pain meds like I used to

Julia A


Ashley Black is an amazingly beautiful woman both inside & out. She goes out of her way to help others using her immense knowledge of human antimony, particularly fascia. Ashley's Fascia Blaster is a wonderful tool to help sculpt the body, as well as relieve pain from scar tissue and stiff joints. As a person with many heath issues including Chiari Malformation, Ashley has helped show me ways to use her Fascia Blaster to manipulate problem areas on my neck, shoulders and back. I highly recommend both her Fascia Blaster, as well as consulting with her or a member of her team for more information about how Ashley's system could benefit you.

Amanda R


This tool is nothing short of amazing. It has helped with scar tissue and nerve pain from numerous surgeries, not to mention smoothing out my lumpy skin. I am hooked for life. Thank you, Ashley. You have changed me for the better!

Kelly J


I've been using the FasciaBlaster since March. I'm in so much less pain!! I've had foot surgery 3 times. I know if I found this tool before I could have not had the most recent one. Breaking up old scar tissue and taking care of a few dents in my thighs!

Crisa F


Bee bee scar reduced in one blast of maybe 10 minutes's amazing! It's been there since I was probably 17.

Sheryl W


I love my FASCIA BLASTER for the pain in my arm because of scar tissue.

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