Fasciology™ in a nutshell!

by Ashley Black


Fasciology™ encompasses 2 simple principles that are precursors to being physically fit, yet are totally overlooked in medicine, alternative care, sports training and fitness.

  1. Being “Structurally Fit”
  2. Being “Biomechanically Fit”



1. Becoming Structurally Fit

This means that the physical human structure is in a state of orthopedic homeostasis. This means EVERYTHING in the body is functional. This state of being Structurally Fit can be accomplished by self-treating and using the FasciaBlaster®. This includes muscle and fascial stretches for total body flexibility and joint function. Structural fitness can also be achieved through self-tissue treatment techniques using household items such as a softball and drumstick, as well as Ashley’s other products such as the FasciaBlaster®the Nugget and the I.C.E. Foundations DVDs.

Becoming Structurally Fit would involve opening the overall fascia system allowing each joint to move freely. Bones could exist naturally in the proper position. Ligaments would be free from pulling and tugging. Blood would flow properly, muscles would be neurologically accessible, the entire skeleton would be aligned, and last but not least we would feel loose and flexible.




Ice DVDs copy


2. Becoming Biomechanically Fit

This means that your nervous systems fires all the right muscles and fascia to hold basic, correct POSTURE and all subsequent movement patterns. One would self-evaluate overall body position in standing, sitting and lying down (this is scarecrow). Then Basic single joint mechanics are addressed like in my I.C.E.® Foundations DVDs (robot). Then multi-chain sports movement can be taught, like (cheetah).

It is this 3-step method: scarecrow, robot and cheetah that allows an individual to transition from being Structurally fit to being Biomechanically Fit. THEN they can be physically fit.

Virtually every medical and alternative treatment is geared at treating a symptom! For example, a disc injury is not a diagnosis. It is a symptom of a spine that is morphing and collapsing and is not Structurally Fit. Or tendonitis is a swollen tendon and a symptom of a jammed joint, tight fascia or poor movement or not being Biomechanically Fit.





Yet our treatment options are shots, drugs, surgery, nutrition, acupuncture or adjustments. None of which will solve the root cause…

Virtually every fitness or sports training program on the market is cheetah. There is no regard for making someone Structurally Fit or Biomechanically Fit before performing this exercise. Just performing exercises will NOT change the structure or the mechanics and in a lot of cases reinforces the bad and makes things worse.




So with the medical/alternative fields treating symptoms, and sports/fitness doing premature cheetah …. there is a HUGE gaping hole that we are all falling into looking for and spending tons of money TRYING to find the answer.


The Answer is Fasciology™!


Fasciology™ is the plain and simple TRUTH! The right publisher may fill this hole for readers and have a book that blows the doors off of what everyone believes is possible! Millions of lives will be changed. This book will spark a movement that has an unforeseeable ripple effect. In an Ashley Black Guru world, where one could be Structurally Fit and Biomechanically Fit, virtually ALL orthopedic, neurological and chronic pain would be eliminated.

Imagine forever ridding yourself of aches and pains caused by:

  • Back pain
  • Plantars fasciitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Neck pain etc.


Sports training Would be taken to the next level:

  • Better golf game
  • Faster pitches
  • Bigger running stride
  • Quicker turns in tennis
  • Harder punches etc.


The world of beauty would have new insight:

  • Flat bellies
  • Cellulite-free legs
  • Less wrinkles because of blood flow
  • Better definition from flat fascia etc.

This is what happens with the knowledge of Fasciology. Join me by sharing this blog with friends and help me bring Fasciology results to the masses and shift the paradigm for approaching pain relief, sports performance and Hybrid Health.