FasciaBlaster® Findings

by Ashley Black

In late 2016, Ashley Black Guru conducted the first formal FasciaBlaster® device study in Tampa, Florida at the Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI) under the direction of Jacob Wilson, Ph.D, who was awarded the NSCA’s Terry J. Housh Outstanding Young Investigator of the Year award in 2013. The goal was to measure the effects of using the device on 35 healthy women between the ages of 25-50. The subjects were baseline tested with blood analysis, ultrasounds, DEXA scans, metabolic testing, and an extensive questionnaire. We also took before and after pictures with measurable, controlled lighting and the precise angle for accuracy.

After baseline was established, the subjects warmed up before receiving a full body treatment from a member of Ashley’s trained team members using the FasciaBlaster® device. We then tested their blood over 7 days with the hopes of better understanding what happens inside the body after a single assisted FasciaBlaster® treatment. These ladies then followed at-home protocols for using the FasciaBlaster® device that included heating in a portable sauna and using the device themselves. They used Ashley Black’s Blaster Oil™ and maintained a log of each session. They were re-tested and photographed at 30, 60, and 90-day marks. They were also instructed to not change their diet or exercise regimens and go about their daily lives as usual.

ASPI is still compiling data, and this is a very lengthy process. Each factor must be individually assessed, and we will also examine individual case studies. As more information becomes available, we will release it to our audience before anyone else—you will be the first to know. We would love to conduct more studies right away so that we can provide proven answers to your questions, but studies are extremely expensive (this one alone costing over half a million dollars) and take time to conduct, so it will take some time before we have more research to present.

This article is about “what we do know” and “what we don’t know”. For things that we don’t know for certain with research findings, we have enormous amounts of data within the feedback of our hundreds of thousands of users. If you are not a member of our Facebook® groups, please join “FasciaBlasters”— the largest women’s only private Facebook® groups and use the search bar to view testimonies, pictures, and techniques from people who may have the same story as you. The anecdotal evidence is compelling, but remember, we only studied the direct effects of the FasciaBlaster® device on fascia.

We believe restoring fascia can help with a host of conditions, but without formal studies on those conditions, we can only theorize and give you our very best educated guess. So if there are other conditions that you are hoping to address by using the FasciaBlaster® device, you will have to rely solely on the testimonials and reviews of other users, and make your own judgment.



Here’s what our research indicates so far about the FasciaBlaster® device, when used as directed:


fascia ultrasound fasciablaster study ashley black

1. The FasciaBlaster® device showed no markers in the blood showing tissue damage or distress, and no stressors on vital organ systems.


2. The FasciaBlaster® device helps smooths out fascia. In the below ultrasound image of a thigh, from the skin layer down to the femur, you can see the smoothing of the “white tissue”. The ultrasound on the left was taken as a baseline and the ultrasound on the right was taken at 90 days.


3. The FasciaBlaster® device is effective for helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. As evidenced in this gallery of before and after photographs, cellulite was significantly lessened.


4. After the initial FasciaBlasting session, researchers saw an increase in fatty acids in the bloodstream, leading them to believe an intense FasciaBlasting session was releasing fat into the bloodstream. The bloodwork showed a type of release that has historically only been possible with diet and exercise or medical intervention such as liposuction. It is normal to have a small amount of fat in the blood at all times. This comes in the form of free fatty acids. Following a session of exercise or food deprivation, when your body goes looking for energy and burns fat, the result is an increase in the presence of those free fatty acids in the bloodstream.


5. The levels of fat in the blood were safe and consistent with diet and exercise. Take a look at this graph to the right. This shows that for the 35 women in the study, the mean level of free fatty acids in the blood increased after their initial FasciaBlasting session. This is exciting because it supports the idea that the FasciaBlaster® “mimics” exercise or dieting by mobilizing fat into the bloodstream to be either used as energy or excreted naturally. By the next day, the mean levels of fat in the bloodstream returned to low normal levels. Of course, using the FasciaBlaster® is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, but it is encouraging to see results that support the positive effect of FasciaBlasting® on fat cells.


6. Research indicated no abnormal spikes in hormone levels over 90 days of regular use.



7. Use of the FasciaBlaster® device in healthy individuals is safe. Published research indicates that toxins like microbes, bacteria, and viruses can be stored in soft tissue cells. They have the ability to live, grow, and lie dormant, and they can be released with tissue restoration. One theory suggests that microbes exist in biofilms between fascia layers, and some evidence suggests that memory and emotions can also be stored in the fascia. Many toxins not immediately metabolized are also stored in cells. We believe that this release of toxins may happen with use of the FasciaBlaster® device. Since we did not see stress on the kidneys and liver in our study, our conclusion is that toxins safely leave the body with the use of the FasciaBlaster® device.









While we wait for more results from our study, there are many other resources available to help you determine if the FasciaBlaster® device is something you would like to incorporate into your life. Please see the uneditable reviews on our public Facebook® page, as well as our reviews on Amazon for our #1 National Bestselling book “The Cellulite Myth”. As I stated before,
Watch this video for more information on our findings and theories:a wonderful database of anecdotal evidence is available through the search bar in our closed women’s Facebook® group. We believe that these stories still have validity. This is also a great resource for detailed questions and can give you a support system for health and beauty issues for which we have not yet conducted formal studies.

Watch this video for more information on our findings and theories!

I love the quote by Carl Jung “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves.” I also love Thomas Edison’s quote that “We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.” These quotes speak to my heart, as my knowledge was born out of the necessity to heal my crippled body. The FasciaBlaster® device is an extension of the love I have for sharing my experience with so many. I adopt Thomas Edison’s attitude that “Hell! There ain’t no rules around here! We are tryin’ to accomplish somep’n!”.

True geniuses know that creativity and necessity breed invention; the research is there to prove or disprove the invention. You can’t get a new result doing what everyone else has done. All of us at Ashley Black Guru and our users will forge ahead until this dream is realized—either by our generation or one in the future.




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