HOW to Get the Heart Shaped Butt

by Ashley Black



Heart Shaped Butt-Heart Butt-FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru



The shape of your butt CAN be designed and shaped through science and art without surgery or needles. All you need is fascia changes, targeted and accurate glute exercises, and a whole lotta Ashley Black-ness!








For those of you who don’t know me very well, I’ve had a very long career as a fascia (connective tissue) expert in the world of rehabilitation with pro athletes, celebrities, and world influencers, with 90% of my clientele being men. I then developed a fascia tool, which by the way, has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite (but that’s for another blog), and now my client base is 99% women. I have over a million followers on social media and the largest private women’s only facebook group. It’s total mayhem ladies – y’all are crazy!


Ashley Heart Butt

Ashley Black’s Heart Butt

This is the picture that started it all!

I’m so excited about this blog, because whether you are 20 or 60, in great shape or totally out of shape, this blog will teach you things you have probably never heard, and empower you with the knowledge you need to intentionally sculpt and build your butt!

I was taking a pic of my booty because I had a spray tan with hilarious tan lines. I posted this unaltered, unfiltered pic in my private group (which is a mecca of booty pics) and mentioned that anyone can attain a #HEARTBUTT – and I haven’t heard the end of it since. I even devoted an entire radio show episode to the topic.




So … here it is! I’m gonna give you the “Girlfriend Talk”, the “Science Girl”, and of course the “how to”. This step by step blog is about the art and science of how to achieve the #HEARTBUTT look without surgery, lasers, or needles – regardless of your natural “genetic” shape.
Just so you know, genetics don’t have as much influence as we’ve been led to believe, so don’t resign yourself to having a square, V, or flat butt, because with some science and a little elbow grease, anyone can have the perfect heart shaped butt!



Heart Shaped Butt-FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru



Yes, YOU CAN have the coveted #HEARTBUTT!


Even booties that seem hopeless (you know who you are with that negative self-talk and skepticism) CAN CHANGE SHAPE with the proper information and techniques. Here are a few before and after’s to help get your mind right! Get out of your own way, let go of limiting beliefs and ASHLEY-IZE your butt!
Heart Butt before:afters_FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru

The women shown here incorporated the FasciaBlaster® into their normal routines, but adding these additional techniques will take your #HeartButt results to the next level!




Here are the steps to getting the coveted heart shaped butt which I’ll explain in detail below.


FasciaBlast love handles-FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru



#1. Fascia Release: Use the FasciaBlaster® to help release the fascia that is binding fat into strange shapes and fat pockets.







#2. Build-A-Butt: Shape and fill out the glutes by firing them properly using targeted exercises (not the exercises you’ve been told to do!).






jeans_Heart Butt-FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru


#3. Follow Up: Everything else you need to know from spray tans to not wearing jeans that are too tight.








Step 1: Fascia Release

fascia-connective tissue-Ashley Black Guru Heart Butt-FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru


Use the FasciaBlaster® to release the fascia that binds fat into strange shapes.

Fascia is the connective tissue in your body that runs in sheets between the muscles, organs, and other structures and also runs like cobwebs throughout. Fascia also encases the muscles, only allowing them to grow as much as the fascia permits! Same goes for fat; it takes the shape of its encasing. If you haven’t been following me and you don’t know what fascia is, check out the “What is Fascia” blog.

For those of you who don’t know what the FasciaBlaster® is, you need to get aboard the train right now! The FasciaBlaster® has been proven in independent studies to reduce the appearance of cellulite!




get rid of cellulite_fasciablaster results_ashley black guru



This picture is such a great representation of how severely fascial distortions can bind to the legs and glutes! This girl “uncovered” a gorgeous booty that was totally impeded by fascial distortion (if you haven’t seen how fascial recoil affects the skin, this blog explaining cellulite explains this concept in detail).





Girlfriend Talk:

Ladies…how INSANE is it that we didn’t know this information? This is like the holy grail of booty knowledge! Fascia release opens the door for us to choose our SHAPE! It also gives us a tool – literally – to get RID of lumps and dimples without HAVING to get super lean (unless that is part of your journey and preference).

I used to be below 12% body fat and was ripped, but now as I get older and busier, I want a little more curve and softness – but it’s my choice – and yours! Ladies, for real – I want YOU to choose your booty size … this is a VERY personal choice! This blog is going to help you “Build a Butt”, and you can hand-select the size and shape YOU want! There is no societal right or wrong, just YOU feeling good – that’s it! EMPOWERMENT and CONFIDENCE!


Science Girl:

The gluteal muscles are intersected by several lines of fascia:







Click here to learn more about the 7 Lines of Fascia!



Remember that the fascia runs in layers and is also connected THROUGH the muscles and it can stick together at the surface or create huge lumps, bumps, and divots. Fascial adhesions can also create pockets that trap the fat into pouches, like saddlebags or love handles. These adhesions can also entangle nerves, leading to pain and dysfunction. Through fascial and muscles tension release, the body can take on its most natural and “ready to condition” state.

These studies link fascial adhesions to impaired muscle growth:

1. Hip abductor muscle volume in hip osteoarthritis and matched controls

2. Fascial Plasticity – A New Neurobiological Explanation




How To:

Ok sisters, here’s how you do it. Please consider that not everyone is shaped the same, so if your fascia is not trapped or adhered then you may not need these techniques.

A good measure of whether or not you need to break up the fascial adhesions in an area is whether or not it hurts to use the FasciaBlaster® there; usually, unhealthy fascia is sensitive to the touch. Most of the time it feels like a big “chunky area” that might break down into smaller chunks first. It may feel hard and then feel “melted” or “broken down” afterward. Some people get a result in one session, and for others with more fascial recoil results may take months. It all depends on the condition and health of your fascia and how deep the fascial adhesions are.

Fascial adhesions can be as deep as the bones, so it may take a few months to restore; or if you only have a bit of fascial distortions at the surface, it could clear up in a couple weeks. Either way, DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED; this has worked for so many users, and this can work for you, too! Check out these incredible results!



Step 1: Heat

As always, start by warming the tissue both externally and internally. Click here for some ways to heat .



Woman Fasciablasting Lower Back


Step 2: FasciaBlast

This playlist demonstrates where to FasciaBlast:









love handles_FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru



1. Love Handles

Some of the fat that is supposed to be in the glutes can get trapped above the pelvis. Use the FasciaBlaster® to help release the love handles.

We have so many great video tutorials showing people of different sizes and shapes with real-time results!




Square Butt_Heart BUTT-FasciaBlaster-Ashley Black Guru



2. What I call “High Butt” or “Square Butt”

* If you like your high butt, skip this step. This high butt is kind of the nemesis of the #HEARTBUTT because the fat that should sit in the lower heart might be trapped in the high butt. If you do this technique, sometimes this alone will create nice curves and reshape the butt, but you’re in TOTAL CONTROL, so look in the mirror as you go to make sure you hit the right areas!




Ashley Black Guru_FasciaBlaster_Heart Butt


3. Low Sides

This is where so many women have DEEP adhesions because of the demand we place on our hips without having the muscles to support our movements. Don’t worry I’ll explain how to stabilize the hips in the “Build a Butt” section.

This area will bruise the most, and you will have to go layer by layer and really focus on easing into deeper treatment. If I go deep on this area of my body (in part because I have hip instability) I almost always bruise.




glute hammy_FasciaBlaster_Heart Butt_Ashley Black guru


4. The Glute/Hammy Tie In

This technique is all about the booty lift! Having access to where your leg meets your butt is the HEAVEN’S GATE of booty lifting.




FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru_fascia release_fascia massage tool


5. Full-body FasciaBlasting

Fascia is a single unit or system throughout the body, and in order for the entire fascia system to function fully and properly, it needs to be maintained. The easiest way for you to do this yourself from the safety and convenience of your own home is by using the FasciaBlaster! Because fascia is the main sensory organ, it’s essential for the mind-body connection to every muscle – including the glutes. Click here for tutorials, and read this blog for guidelines. Also, for the science geeks, here are 2 great research papers that explain the importance of full body fascial maintenance as it relates to the messages to the brain that allows for proper function, and in our case MAXIMUM RESULTS.



Step 2: Build A Butt

Learn how to FIRE the glutes properly in glute-targeted exercises

Every single website that talks about “butt toning” promotes glute exercises like the squat, lunge, step up, pelvic thrust, or the side-leg-lift-fire-hydrant thing, etc. I don’t have issues with any of these exercises, but if you are doing them and NOT getting the results you want, it is likely due to one or more of these factors:

1. Tight, distorted fascia is strangling your muscles

2. Bad body mechanics interferes with proper firing of the muscles

3. You are using other muscles (such as the quads) to compensate for weak or strangled glutes

4. You are lacking the proper nutrition or protein to build muscle

5. Improper position of the pelvis during the exercises can interfere with isolation of the targeted glute muscle(s)





Girlfriend Talk

About 90% of the fitness professionals, models, actresses, and regular gals that I have worked with over the past 20+ years know everything there is to know about training … except when it comes to the glutes. For instance, did you know that there are actually 9 gluteal muscles? 4 on the top, 5 underneath. In addition, no anatomy book intentionally focusses on the fascia lines, which I described earlier in this blog. Fascia contributes to the contractive force of muscles, and as a society we’ve almost completely omitted it!


I’m going to simplify this science for you:

The key to growing a muscle is flushing as much blood and nutrients to the muscle and increasing the activation or neuro-connection. Doing exercises like squats and lunges activate OTHER muscles, which means you aren’t even targeting the butt! The goal is to target as much activation and blood flow to the glutes so you can sculpt the booty shape you want!


Science Girl:

Here is the science on how a muscle growsThe unarguably larger muscles are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL). These are the ones that give the butt the most shape. The underlying muscles are Piriformis, Obturator Internus, Obturator Externus, the Gemelli and the Quadratus Femoris. These are more for the stability of the hip. We don’t want to ignore them, but they are less important for the shaping of your #HEARTBUTT.


I’m going to focus on the top booty shaping exercises. Remember: if the fascia is restricted anywhere in the long lines of structural fascia that run throughout the body, it can clamp down and choke out the glutes, prohibiting them from properly firing. Any compensatory movement, such as tipping the pelvis, turning the hip out, or leveraging body weight, can interfere with activating and firing the glutes.


Here are the links to several studies that show how fascia can contribute to gluteal atrophy:

As I mentioned above, fascia is the main sensory organ; so in terms of the mind-body connection, you have to have full body healthy fascia to have full glute access. Simply put, you have to FasciaBlast your whole body to get the #HEARTBUTT!




HOW TO: It’s all about isolating.


Video 1: Glute Maximus

Largest and most superficial muscle that gives the butt shape. Attachments: Originates from the gluteal (posterior) surface of the ilium, sacrum, and coccyx. It slopes across the buttock at a 45-degree angle, then inserts into the iliotibial tract and greater trochanter of the femur.


Video 2: Gluteus Medius

Fan-shaped and lies in-between max and min. Innervation: Inferior gluteal nerve.


Video 3: Glute Minimus

Deepest and smallest of superficial glute muscles. Innervation: Superior gluteal nerve.


Video 4: Glute Maximus – Hip Raises


Video 5: Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL)


The TFL functions to tighten the fascia lata, and so abducts and medially rotates the lower limb.







Watch this playlist for the workout tutorials:









Here’s a sample exercise schedule (right click to download and print)




Perform These Exercises:


  • 3-5x a week

  • 3-6 sets

  • 10-12 reps (per leg)




** As a side note, if you want NO GUESSWORK in your training, you’ll learn the proper techniques and mechanics for all exercises and movement from my Inner Core Exercise (I.C.E.®) program. Below are a few samples from the series that you can incorporate:











Don’t forget posture! It is so important that the pelvis stays in a neutral position as defined in the video below, because you will activate your glutes in natural movements such as walking.








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Blaster Oils

.It’s important that you actually have the ability to keep your pelvis in a neutral position while you extend your leg behind you, and in order to have this range of motion, it’s extremely important to have your hip flexors open. Here is a PNF stretching technique to open the hip flexors that you can do several times a day!

Eventually, you will need to use this hip traction technique to release the hips.

It’s also super important to understand that what you’re eating affects your ability to build muscle. Diet is another blog, and if you chose to go the Build a Butt route, you will want to do the 300 calorie meal options in this blog and MINIMIZE the cardio to NOT burn the calories needed to build muscle.

At the end of the day, having your glutes work FOR you instead of against you in terms of creating a #HEARTBUTT is really a symphony of intentional glute activation, proper posture, and healthy fascia and food! Can you hear the music!?







Step 3: The Rest of the Story

Everything else you need to know from spray tans to not wearing jeans that are too tight



Aside from the quality of your fascia and all the things that we can do to develop the glutes, there are a few other factors that enhance the shape and appearance of your #HEARTBUTT such as spray tanning and wearing the right clothing.


1. Don’t jack up your fascia! Staying biomechanically fit and structurally sound is the first key to keeping your fascia healthy. Revisit the wall test technique and practice this several times a day. This video demonstrates proper body mechanics on an elliptical machine, and the no-brainer option is my I.C.E.® Foundation Exercises.



tummy_fasciablaster-ashley black guru-weight loss fascia blaster 2


tummy_fasciablaster-ashley black guru-weight loss fascia blaster

2. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight! Anytime you wear something restrictive (low rise jeans that create a muffin top, tight underwear, corsets/waist trainers or spanks, etc.), it can actually cause the fascia to create permanent dents where the clothing pulls in. Here are some examples of women whose clothes were so tight that the button actually left a dent in the lower stomach or permanent muffin top. This is more common than you think!



3. Be aware of how you sit, stand and move. The way you sit, stand, drive, walk, sleep etc. can create rolls and folds! If you have a sway back, the fascia will eventually stick in that position (watch this video for a live demo). Anytime you’re repeatedly in a position, your fascia will start to stick and tack you in that position like duct tape!



4. Tanning: A spray tan gives you a nice glow and tends to make your skin look skinnier and healthier (if you want to prance around in a thong, tanning is a great idea!).



5. Skincare: I created two products that go 100% with this process! My Blaster Oil has a thermogenic quality that burns up fat. My After Blaster Cream has a skin tightener with arnica to reduce pain and swelling. Last but not least, with tight skin the main thing that makes the skin look good is blood supply from the inside which is what the FasciaBlaster® does because the blood carries collagen and elastin to the skin cells. Hit it from the outside in, and the inside out!!




fascia hydration FasciaBlaster_Ashley Black Guru


6. One of the biggest factors of healthy fascia is hydration. The fascia is filled with fluid and responds positively to hydration. I personally recommend adding electrolytes* to your hydration regimen to ensure you’re taking in the proper minerals that help push hydration to the cells. My personal favorites are Nuun tablets, but I’m excited to release my very own brand of “Cellectrolytes” – coming soon!

* Before adding any supplements, please check with your trusted specialist on what is right for your situation.




7. Nutrition, stress, and sleep also affect the body’s ability to condition and the quality of the fascia. One of my favorite radio shows was with my friend Dr. Rakowski who is amazing at explaining these concepts! Revisit this show and you will learn a lot about immediate things you can do to impact your health AND your #HEARTBUTT!






So ladies, let the butt shaping begin! I’m sure you are plenty motivated and excited about this process, but for added incentive…


Here’s the Winner of the 1st 60-day #HeartButtChallenge:






We asked our private facebook group members to POST their “before” video in the FasciaBlasters group with the #HeartButtChallenge hashtag showing their current starting point and explaining their goals.

Contestants posted their 30-day check-in video showing their progress and talking about what they’ve been doing to get dat booty poppin.

The contestants then posted their final 60-day #HeartButtChallenge video to showcase their incredible results!




Click here for more information on the 60-day #HeartButtChallenge!

If you missed it, here’s the recording of my LIVE Billionaire Healthcare radio show episode “HEART SHAPED BUTT”!



You can also listen to the live stream and post-show Q&A here (group members only)!



Happy Blasting!