Heart Butt Challenge – Week 2

by Ashley Black

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If you’ve tried to build the butt of your dreams, but no matter how many squats and lunges you did nothing seemed to help your butt GROW, it may have been due to one of the following factors:

  1. Tight fascia was strangling the glute muscles
  2. Loss of muscle access access due to bad biomechanics
  3. Other muscles (such as the quads) compensating
  4. Not enough nutrition or protein to build muscle
  5. Improper position of the pelvis

While I’m not against doing squats, lunges, or other conventional “booty building exercises”, you are wasting your time trying to “build a butt” if you don’t learn how to properly isolate the glute muscles. So now that we have focussed on releasing the fascia that’s been binding to the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and other structures in week 1, let’s learn how to actually fire those muscles!

There are 2 key factors that are essential to properly isolating and activating the glute muscles:

  1. Posture and pelvic position
  2. Muscle contraction: focus on the “squeeze”





Maintaining the proper posture and pelvis positioning will ensure you perform the exercises effectively. But before trying to “move” your structure, I want you to focus on “standing” with the correct posture. This wall test exercise demonstrates the proper way to stand, and this posture should be maintained throughout all movement and exercise:


If you identify areas of tightness or tension during this exercise, you have identified areas of fascial R.A.D. (restrictions, adhesions, and distortions), and these should remain areas of focus during your FasciaBlasting sessions. For more information on how fascial recoil can keep you from moving and functioning properly, read chapter 4 of my bestselling book “The Cellulite Myth: it’s not fat, it’s fascia”.Here’s how to apply the “wall test” posture to movement, starting with “walking with your glutes turned on”:



It is so important that the pelvis stays in a neutral position, because not only will you be able to isolate the muscles while exercising, but you will actually activate your glutes in natural movements such as walking.


Here’s a tip to stabilize your pelvis and keep the tension off your lower back:



MUSCLE CONTRACTION: focus on the “squeeze”



It’s easy to get hung up on simply performing a number of repetitions of a certain movement, instead of focussing on the contraction or “squeeze” that is actually flushing blood and nutrients to the muscle and allowing it to “fire” correctly. That “squeeze” is where the magic happens!

In the video below, one of our users demonstrate how she performs the #HeartButt exercises, but I want you to notice how slow and controlled the movements are. She contracts her transverse abs, uses a counter top to ensure her pelvis stays neutral, and squeezes the glute at the top of every repetition.



Here is the full explanation of each of the #HeartButt exercises:

  1. Glute Maximus
  2. Glute Medius
  3. Glute Minimus
  4. Hip Extensions
  5. TFL


Perform these Exercises:

  • 3-5x a week

  • 3-6 sets of each exercise

  • 10-12 reps (per leg) of each exercise


  1. Glute Maximus

2. Glute Medius


  1. Glute Minimus


  1. Hip Extensions


  1. TFL (Tensor Fascia Lata)


Here’s a sample exercise schedule (right click to download and print)


– Action Steps For Week 2 –

Every Other Day:

– FasciaBlast 20 mins 3-5 times a week as shown in week 1 of “Fascia Release”

– Heart Butt exercises 3-5 days a week

– *Optional* : low impact cardio

Some of my favorite low impact cardio options are the elliptical, stationary bike, dancing, and swimming. Get creative with your exercise and find what works best for you!


Stay tuned for more #HeartButtChallenge updates and information!

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– Make sure to read the entire Heart Butt blog for an explanation of the full program and science.




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