Heart Butt Challenge – Week 3

by Ashley Black

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Week 3 of the #HeartButtChallenge is in full swing, and this week we’re focussing on our posture!

If you had trouble feeling the correct muscles “fire” last week when we focused on muscle isolation and activation, you may have some postural issues that are inhibiting full access to your glute muscles. Now I’m sure you have heard me talk about “the wall test” and how proper posture is essential to fascia health, but some of you are still wondering “how does poor posture lead to fascial distortions? And what does it have to do with getting a Heart Butt?” Fascia is protective by nature, and when the body senses an imbalance or misalignment, it signals the fascia to adhere and protect. The fascia then clamps down to fortify the area, creating adhesions and tightness.

Correcting your posture and symmetry has a huge effect on maintaining your fascia and keeping it healthy!

This week you get to be your own detective and use the wall test to find the root cause of the problem. You may have several ‘roots causes’ – and by that I mean fascial restrictions, adhesions, and distortions (R.A.D.)! Use this test as your diagnostic tool to identify what areas are tight and interfering with both correct posture and muscle activation. Once you identify these areas of R.A.D., use the FasciaBlaster® to loosen and restore the tight fascia in those areas! For example, if you find your knees have to bend when you try to straighten your tipped pelvis, stretch and use the FasciaBlaster® to release the tight fascia in your hip flexors and legs.



To perform the posture test, you need a clear space in front of a wall.

1. Find neutral feet and knees

Stand against the wall with your feet and knees straight forward like railroad tracks, and place even pressure in both feet with the weight distributed between the second and third toe. You can achieve this by leaning to the front, back, side to side, and then end up in the center. The leaning helps some people with the concept of finding their center. Look down and make sure that both feet, ankles, and knee caps are facing straight forward as shown in this picture.

2. Find a neutral pelvis

Make sure your pelvis is not rotated or tipped to the front or the back. We discussed how to check if your pelvis is properly positioned in WEEK 2 of this challenge!



3. Do the 2 finger, 4 finger test

Place 2 fingers behind the low back, and 4 fingers behind your neck. Your heels, legs, upper back, and head should be on the wall as shown in this video.





4. Find a neutral rib cage and mid back — make sure your upper body is centered over the lower body. You can achieve this by: 


5. Find a neutral head

Make sure your head is centered over your body. Line up your chin directly above your sternum and belly button.


6. Turn on the correct postural muscles

Contract your lower abdominals and scapular depressors. To ensure your transverse abs are contracted, you can try coughing and feel them “turn on”, and you can engage your scapular depressors by sliding your hands directly down the sides of your legs and relaxing your shoulders.





Do the wall test as often as you can – preferably several times a day. Whatever activities you’re doing, make it a habit to look down and check your feet, align your feet, ankles, and knees, stabilize your pelvis, contract your core, relax your shoulders, elongate your neck and move it back as if you were standing against the wall. Reinforcing this correct posture every time you’re standing, sitting, walking, or exercise will retrain your brain and body mechanics to stand, sit, and move properly.

Remember, this will maximize the efficiency of everything you do in this challenge!

For more information on how tight fascia can cause structural misalignments and imbalances and how to restore healthy fascia, read my #1 National Bestselling book “The Cellulite Myth“.





– Follow the Heart Butt FasciaBlasting tutorials 3-5 times a week

– Do the Heart Butt exercises 3-5 days a week

– Aim to drink a gallon of water a day

– Do the wall test 2-3 times a day and focus on walking with your glutes ON

*Optional*  20 minutes of low impact cardio 2-4 times a week


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