Heart Butt Challenge – Week 4

by Ashley Black

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Ladies, we’re halfway through the 60-day #HeartButtChallenge!

Take a moment to congratulate yourself on all you have learned about your body and accomplished over the last 30 days! Whether you’ve been following the challenge to a T, or you’ve simply incorporated some of the exercises and FasciaBlasting techniques into your current health and fitness regimen, you did something this month to care for yourself and that is worth celebrating!

For this week, we’re gonna talk about additional factors that are so important to your overall health and Heart Butt!

If you’re not already in the habit of incorporating these techniques, now is a good time to add them into your regimen. Keep in mind that although they may seem minor, they add up to have a huge impact on your results.


1. Flushing


After a Fasciablasting session, we recommend flushing. Flushing is simply a light stroke to increase blood flow to the area and help move out any inflammation. There are several ways you can flush an area: Fasciablast with light, up and down strokes, use the smooth back side of the FasciaBlaster® in upward strokes, or use your hands as Kathleen demonstrates in this clip:



2. Activation


Another important post-blasting step is to activate and condition your muscles. We introduced this idea in Week 2, but it’s just that important! This goes for any area you FasciaBlast, including any additional areas of tightness you discovered last week with the Wall Test. We love isometric contractions to activate muscles — doing them right after blasting is the ideal, but within 24 hours is definitely still beneficial.






3. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight


Tight clothes constrict your fascia. Restrictive clothing such as tight underwear, corsets, waist trainers, spanks, or low rise jeans tight enough to create a muffin top can actually create permanent dents where the clothing pulls in. This is more common than you think! Wearing clothes that fit properly will show off those curves nicely and give a more natural look rather than rolls and lumps caused by ill-fitting clothing! This is discussed more in depth in this video


4. Posture: correct how you sit, stand, and move.


The way you sit, stand, drive, walk, sleep etc. can create rolls and folds and throw off your structural balance! If you’ve walked around for years with a sway back, a forward neck, and hunched shoulders, the fascia will adapt and eventually “stick” you in that position (watch this video for a live demo). Whatever position and posture you’re repeatedly in is the posture your fascia will learn to hold, like bands of duct tape!


You can correct this by practicing proper posture with the wall test that we discussed in week 3. This week we’re taking that a step further by working on body and position awareness during everything you do throughout the day. Practice standing with “wall test” posture as often as you can – whether you’re walking, washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or doing your Heart Butt exercises. Then translate that into everything you do, like sitting at a desk, reading, driving. Over time you will retrain your body to move with proper alignment, and aside from drastically improving your appearance, your body and health will thank you for it!



5. Hydration


Hydration is arguably one of the most important aspects of healthy fascia. Fascia is not only filled with fluid, it also has the ability to move and glide; if it’s dried out, it won’t be able to function correctly. Replacing your electrolytes is super important too, depending on what your body personally needs. You can find more details about the importance of hydration on page 80 of my book, The Cellulite Myth (if you don’t have it yet, you can get this insanely informative guide to fascia on Amazon or anywhere books are sold). I recommend drinking a gallon of water a day, as well as incorporating electrolytes (I recommend Nuun tablets, and I’m SO excited to come out with my own brand of “Cellectrolytes” soon!)



6. Nutrition, stress, and sleep


These all affect not only the body’s ability to condition but also the quality of the fascia. One of my favorite radio shows was with my friend Dr. Rakowski who is amazing at explaining these concepts! Revisit this show and you will learn a lot about immediate things you can do to impact your health AND your #HEARTBUTT!




7.  Tanning:


A spray tan gives you a nice glow and tends to make you look skinnier (and if you want to show off your Heart Butt in a bikini, tanning is a great idea!)

Going to get a professional spray tan can be expensive and time consuming, but there are many self-tanners that you can use at home that are inexpensive, easy, and mess-free. Check out this great sunless-tan tutorial by makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill!



8. Skincare


I created two products that go 100% with this process! My Blaster Oil has a thermogenic quality that burns fat. My After Blaster Cream has a skin tightener and high-quality arnica to reduce bruising and swelling. If you’re trying to tighten loose skin, you need to get all the necessary nutrients the blood carries – including collagen and elastin – from the inside to the skin’s surface. When tight fascia is clamping off the blood vessels like a kink in a garden hose, the blood supply is limited.



I go into detail on fascia and blood flow on pages 195-196 of my bestselling book The Cellulite Myth.

Stay tuned for a brand-new blog on skin health!



See how many of these tips you can incorporate this week to take your results to the next level! You can focus on just one each day, or even set reminders for all of them on your phone so you think about them every day. We can’t wait to see your #HeartButtChallenge updates in the FasciaBlasters group! Use the hashtag to ask a question or give us an update with how you’re doing!


Action Steps:

– Follow the Heart Butt FasciaBlasting tutorials 30 minutes 3-5 times a week

– Perform the Heart Butt exercises 3-5 days a week

Optional 20-30 minutes of low impact cardio 3-5 times a week


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