by Ashley Black

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Black has worked with the highest level athletes in every major sport including the MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA, World Olympics and more. There are many that claim to work with “professional athletes” that may have a few in their roster of clients, yet Black works with athletes that are household names — multiple athletes appearing on the Wheaties box, Hall of Famers — and she has for over a decade. There is only one reason why Black continues to lead in this genre: PERFORMANCE RESULTS!

Once an athlete can understand and attain Structural Integrity and Mechanical Integrity, she or he can perform with that extra 5% edge. Instead of “plowing through” sports movements, athletes at all levels can experience fined tuned and ease of movement with everything in the body working the way it should. Check out our Fascia Chart for a visual representation of what we mean.


This is a totally different approach to sports performance training, because it is not really about “conditioning” for a sport, it about PREPARING the structure and mechanics FOR the actual conditioning. Black explains to her clients that athletic training is like painting a beautiful mural.

You can have the best artist, with the best design, with the best paints and the best finishes. But if the wall is cracked, the baseboards are missing and the paint is peeling, then the mural is going to look terrible. Black and Black’s programs are like the PRIMERS for sports movement! Once the athlete is “primed”, they are free to do what they do best. They are free to complete with their bodies being a “non issue”.

Athletes can get primed through ways: self-treatingMuscle Memory changeNeurological rewiring exercise, and through Hybrid Health Treatment.

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