Total Body Pain Relief

by Ashley Black

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Because Black experienced excruciating pain herself, she has a great understanding of how total body pain can begin and spiral out of control, AND how to reverse the process. Check out the Fascia Chart Black wrote for her book Becoming Super Human to better understand how fascia can cause total body fascia pain.

The process for total body pain is the same for total body pain relief as it is for athletes, beauty, fitness, acute injury and preventing injuries. To understand the process, read the entire content for the treatment section of the website.

Black believes that many illnesses with “unknown origin” such as Fibromyalgia, Migraines,“itis”, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS, Restless Leg Syndrome, nerve pain, tender points, and many more are rooted in the fascia system. The origin is “unknown” because fascia is not taught in any traditional education system to the level it needs to be. Black has traced these symptoms back, sometimes 30 years, to find what triggered the fascia to recoil. A good way to check if fascia could be part of your total body pain is to pinch your fore arm or the top of your leg and pull up and away from the bone. If the skin does not pull up easily, then fascia is at least part of the problem.

You can begin the process of reversal with treatment or self treatment, Contact us and tell us your story. We can help!

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