The FasciaBlaster’s Effect on Subcutaneous Fat

by Ashley Black


The FasciaBlaster can help reduce cellulite and thickness of your subcutaneous fat.

In our 90-day study, initial results have shown using the FasciaBlaster has a significant influence on the thickness of the subcutaneous fat, as shown in this graph.

Subcutaneous fat thickness was measured using an ultrasound. The site of the measurement was on the right leg over the vastus lateralis at 50% of the femur length.





By the end of the 90-day study, subcutaneous fat thickness (cm) was decreased on average by 0.27 cm (12.7%). This means that over the course of 90 days, you can decrease the actual thickness in the fat layer.

Now, you can’t completely FasciaBlast your subcutaneous fat away to nothing (we need it for insulation and heat), but we can hypothesize that around the 60 to 90-day mark of regular FasciaBlaster treatments, the thickness of subcutaneous fat is significantly decreased. As you can see in the ultrasound images, fascial remodeling and improvements are still made in the deeper levels at the 90-day mark.






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