by Ashley Black

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“I was a star high school athlete. Upon graduating high school, I received an athletic scholarship to attend University of Houston to run track. From my intense training, I’ve had constant back pain since college. Currently, I own and operate a very busy restaurant. In the restaurant business, it’s a very demanding business. It’s very labor intensive. I’m constantly bending over, picking up heavy objects at weird angles. I knew the only thing that was going to hold me back from making my restaurant a successful venture would be my health and constant back pain.”

“I’ve been to every type of doctor you can think of and I kept getting the same old story. In fact, one of them even told me I had arthritis. Another doctor told me I had a bulging disc problem. After getting the run-around from multiple doctors luckily I found Ashley Black and NeurOlign®. NeurOlign® has helped me to understand a mind-to-muscle connection, and my progress has gone up significantly. Also, after doing the NeurOlign® methods partnered with the I.C.E.® Foundations exercises, I’ve got these crazy ripples on both sides of my stomach. It’s almost like the Ashley Black muscles or something.”

“At the end of the day, what I’ve learned from Ashley is that everything comes back to being stable through your midsection and learning how to strengthen the muscles that really create stability. Ashley taught me how to feel my muscles differently and she taught me about muscles that I never knew existed. As soon as I feel strain in my back I do my magic exercises and keep doing what I need to do. Thirty (30) minutes a day, three (3) times per week…. That’s all I need! I’m definitely maintaining my strength and my back has continued to hold up. When I perform the exercises, I could actually feel my mind having control over my muscles, as opposed to barreling and muscling your way. It’s a whole different type of strength. The NeurOlign® and I.C.E.® methods are a lot more than traditional medicine. Ashley’s training makes me confident because I know I can do the daily tasks required to run my restaurant. I’ve put my future in Ashley’s and NeurOlign’s® hands and they have taught me a new way to live, PAIN FREE! NeurOlign® is the solution.”



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