Trashy Fascia Can Keep You From Losing Weight

by Ashley Black

Did you know trashy fascia is often mistaken for as fat or cellulite because the make-up of the tissue gets clumped, chunky, thick and rippled?

When your fascia gets in this state it can play a huge role in fat and weight loss. When fascia is choking out muscles and tendons it also traps the fat – making it hard to lose.

Skinny Fat GirlEven if you lose weight with unhealthy fascia you could still retain the fat making you appear to be a skinny-fat. Ideal weight loss is losing as much fat pounds as you can, not just overall weight. Fascia can also limit neurological access to areas of the body, inhibiting them from being contracted properly. Muscles will atrophy (as a result of this loss) and look fatty and deconditioned. To reconnect to muscles, proper biomechanics are key. When treating a full-body trashy fascia system it is most effective to accompany treatment with diet, exercise and LOTS of water.



The diet we recommended is this:

  1. Four ounces of LEAN protein (ideal is all white meat, skinless, boneless free-range organic chicken breast – baked, steamed or grilled – NEVER FRIED!)
  2. Half a cup of a complex carbohydrate (brown rice, sweet potatoes or steel cut oatmeal)
  3. Quarter cup (1 serving) of a green vegetable (preferably steamed organic broccoli, broccolini, or asparagus; or if you like cold greens try a freshly washed organic spring mix salad with a tablespoon of your favorite olive oil or canola oil based vinaigrette)

….. Every three (3) hours or six (6) meals per day. You can read more HERE!

Remember to get creative with your favorite fresh herbs and always support your local farmers markets.

Also, for more information, check out Keith Klein’s book “Beyond the Diet.” This diet optimizes the loss of just fat. When diet accompanies treatment it helps loosen the tissue and allows the fat to more readily be burned opposed to being strangled by trashy fascia. As a Fasciologist® I see this in so many people. People who are doing their diets and exercising hard should be losing weight like everyone else, right? Literally, adhered fascia traps fat, holding it down so the fat cannot be lost.

Some examples of things you can do to manage trashy fascia are:

  1. Full body FasciaBlasting!
  2. Stay hydrated by using NUUN tabs which are sugar free and electrolyte rich. Drink a minimum of a gallon of water per day.
  3. Get in the sauna, hot tub, or steam shower to flush your tissue of toxins.
  4. Stretch often to prevent excess tightness.
  5. Exercise PROPERLY by purchasing our proprietary I.C.E.® Foundations DVD kit.

After attacking this trashy fascia you can then add in exercise which will accelerate weight loss! The best treatment to loosen tight fascia and repair the damaged tissue is by FasciaBlasting, stretching and conditioning the muscles . Also, check out more YouTube videos exclusively on the “Ashley Black Guru” channel.

In summary, the best way to address trashy fascia is with proper diet, exercise, hydration and FasciaBlaster® treatments!

FasciaBlaster_get rid of cellulite



Authored by: Landa Stewart, BS, FO