by Ashley Black

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Nowhere in traditional education of any kind including Medical, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Alternative, Sports Training, Personal Training or Massage Therapy is there a clear and detailed curriculum that educates practitioners on the anatomy and treatment of fascia! Soak that in for just a second! So every practitioner that recognizes the significance of fascia would have to seek out courses of “out of the box” scientists, thinkers and healers all over the world to learn compartmentally gathered information. In the early years, I was that thirsty student, literally trying to soak up any knowledge that might help me live a normal life. Being self taught, I was not tainted by ANY preconceived boundaries of institutional schooling — allowing Fasciology to evolve in an egoless environment. Even now, as I work in professional training rooms, celebrities homes, in progressive medical clinics and all the amazing settings I am exposed to in my professional life, it amazes me how little most people know about fascia. Even more shocking, how PRIMITIVE even the top practitioners are at treating it. I am often asked “why doesn’t so and so know this?” and quite honestly the answer is “how WOULD they know it?”

Fasciology is “in the shadows” and just beginning to live in the light of mainstream. All of this to express that there are wonderful health care providers and fitness experts that are incredible at what they do. They are practicing the full scope of what is available in institutional learning. Fasciology is an addition, a new perspective and a blanket of knowledge that can enhance all the other fields. The HYBRID HEALTH movement and Fasciology Revolution is coming…. and as a society, we are starving for it. Now that you can understand how Fasciology came about and why it is only known in very tiny circles, let’s get into the brass tacks of what exactly Fasciology is and how it can help you. If you don’t have a good understanding of fascia, click (here for ‘what is fascia?’) to help better understand. Fasciology addresses 2 simple concepts: 1.) Structural Integrity and 2.) Mechanical Integrity.

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