Structural & Mechanical Integrity

by Ashley Black

Structural Integrity refers to the physical human structure. In a perfect human structure, every joint would be fully open, every inch of soft tissue would be supple, every ligament in tact, every bone healthy, every nerve free to fire, every blood canal open and every bony landmark would be in alignment. Mechanical Integrity refers to the function and movement of a human structure. In a perfect mechanically functional human, each movement would fire through the most efficient muscle memory pattern, no compensation would occur, every single bone would remain in alignment throughout all sports/daily/postural activities and every movement would be performed in perfect, balanced center of gravity. IF perfection of Structural and Mechanical Integrity could occur, there would be NO Orthopedic injuries or pain; and many Neurological, blood, and toxicity ailments would be minimized. That’ s a bold statement, and it is absolutely TRUE.

So the goal then becomes to be as close to Structurally and Mechanically perfect as possible. To keep this as simple as possible, you can improve your Structural Integrity with:

  • Manual Fascia Treatment (MFT),
  • Stretching Fascia Treatment (SFT),
  • Re-aligning Fascia Treatment (RFT).

These treatments can be performed by a certified Fasciologist or a great percentage can be performed on yourself with and the FasciaBlaster®.


Mechanical Integrity can be improved with:

  • Exercise Fascia Treatment
  • Mechanical Awareness

I’ve hand designed all of these treatments with a new understanding of anatomy: including fascia as well as its relationship with all the other systems of the body. I also took it a step further by designing programs to teach the body how to permanently maintain these improvements.

In the real world, having structural perfection and mechanical perfection would indeed be rare and most likely impossible. However, Fasciology is a portal to transform your current beliefs about your physical well being into a new paradigm where the “unattainable” becomes real. Just by understanding the fascial system and harnessing the power of restoring your fascia, you can free yourself from the limitations the world tells you exist.

Below are some basic examples in the area of pain, beauty, and performance to help “get the wheels churning” of what might be possible for you.

Pain Example

Back Pain – If your symptoms are: discs bulging, spondylitis forming, arthritis developing, nerves pinching, and other back pain problems, traditional philosophy would tell us that we need injections, surgery, muscle relaxers, pain killers, yoga, massage, physical therapy, core training, Chiropractic adjustments, and endless reoccurring treatments. Fasciology™ teaches us that all of the symptoms have a root cause: a dysfunctional spine. Furthermore, in order to fix a dysfunctional spine eliminating the need for symptom treatments, there must be a permanent change in the structure and the mechanics of the spine.

Fasciology™ treatments create this permanent change allowing the spine to function properly forever and preventing the return of symptoms. Structural and Mechanical work with the FasciaBlaster® will solve this issue.

Physical Appearance Example

60 days

Beauty – If your symptom is a lower tummy bulge, traditional fitness would tell us to diet, do crunches, do Pilates, get liposuction, take belly fat pills, and “core training” (which by the way is totally misunderstood). Most are under the assumption that if they are working with an “expert” that they are doing these previously mentioned activities correctly; when in reality there may be a fundamental root flaw that keeps them from being effective. Fasciology™ teaches us that the position of the thighbones, pelvis, spine, and ribs, can affect the distribution of fat within any given space including the belly. Further, fascia can restrict fat holding it in pockets in various places in the body. Fasciology™ exercise and FasciaBlaster® treatment correct these issues allowing for flat tummies even if you’ve always had a belly bulge.


Performance Athletic Example

30 days - musclePerformance – If your limitations are related to speed, agility, and efficiency in running, traditional sports training would tell us to do plyometrics, ladder drills, box jumps, sprints, weight vests, or sled pulls. Fasciology™ teaches us that if the hips are not completely open and able to extend while keeping a neutral pelvis, then every stride will be shortened. If tight fascia restricts access to the muscles,  efficiency is slowed. If the legs are out of alignment at the toes, ankles, knees, or hips, then the running cycle is disrupted and muscle imbalance is created. Fasciology™ treatments and training correct these types of limitations. The FasciaBlaster® is a MUST for all athletes.




These are only 3 small microcosms of the huge shift in thinking that Fasciology causes. Click here for more results. If you have specific questions about your particular ailment, beauty goal, or performance desire, please message me your pictures on my facebook page and I will be happy to evaluate you and advise you for free! Have someone take full body pictures of you (or use the self-timer on your camera phone) standing at a head on angle wearing shorts and tank top or bathing suit. Front, back, and both sides; head to toe. I’m checking for symmetry. Also send pics, close up for your “trouble” spots, so I can see if it’s an atrophy, fat, or fascial issue.

If you have pain or orthopedic issues, send me your story. I would love to help you through your journey and bring a new perspective to you! I’m here to help you get the body you deserve!




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