Outer Core

by Ashley Black

Outer Core:

Once one learns how to activate and condition the Inner Core, adding the nest layer is pretty easy. The Outer Core muscles are the ones we can see!  We condition the Outer Core the same way we do any other muscle group to make it strong by contracting it from shortest to longest with maximum output just like we would a bicep or quad muscle.

To make this simple Black defines the muscles of the Outer Core:

The Rectus Abdominus:
The six-pack muscle. Its action is to flex the trunk in a crunch motion.

The Inner and Outer Obliques:
The muscles that wrap the sides of our trunk at the waist.  Their action is to rotate the body and allow the body to bend from side to side.

The Erector Spinae:
The big muscles that run up the OUTSIDE of the spine on the back.  Their action is to extend the trunk like in a back bend, NOT to stabilize the spine.

The Quadratum Lomborum (QL):
These muscles run in the low back, just above the sides of the waist. Their action is to extend and side bend the trunk.

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