The Real Core

by Ashley Black

Do you have a personal trainer?  Has he or she ever said, “Ready to work your multifidus?”  Probably not.  In fact, most people don’t even know about the multisided, its location, or its function. In the fitness industry and even in the medical community, the word “core” is overused and misunderstood.  In traditional rehab and gym work, the Inner Core is altogether overlooked. With ICE DVD’s we solve the “core” mystery.  Forget EVERYTHING you have ever heard about the core, and learn it PURE. With each muscle and action clearly defined. ICE cuts out all the hype and gets to the root of changing your body through the secret muscles activated ONLY by ICE! There are two systems of the core:  Inner and Outer. (1.) The Inner Core stabilizes the trunk.


(2.) The Outer Core moves the trunk.



To condition the Inner Core, you resist it against gravity:




Like we do when we exercise every other muscle in the body.  To condition the Outer Core, you contract it from its longest to shortest positions.  While this sounds complicated, we make learning the proper techniques very easy! When you create “muscle memory” to route through the muscles of the Inner and Outer Core for all movement, the result is a completely stable and balanced trunk. This is the TRUTH about the core and it has been proven over and over in scientific tests and testimonies.

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