Manual Fascia Treatment

by Ashley Black | August 21, 2013

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Manual Fascia Treatment

Manual Fascia Treatment (MFT): MFT is a system unique to Fasciologist certified by Ashley Black. There are many other techniques that are marketed as Myofascial Release, Rolfing, ART, Arosti and a host of other fascia-oriented namesake certifications that are in the realm of fascia work. I have personally experienced most of these techniques and have enjoyed them all, as I am on a perpetual quest to expand my knowledge base. Where I feel MFT is different is in the INTENT and the depth and skill of the treatment. Knowing where to go in the body and what technique is most appropriate for that area, and not being married to a single technique, allows a Fasciologist to pull from a vast “bag of tricks.” Each one of the aforementioned techniques, though good, are isolated to just that: a single technique where Fasciology is an all encompassing analysis and long term treatment plan based on each individuals unique structure and lifestyle.

The evaluation process for MFT includes analyzing the body in a 3D sense, taking into consideration every bony landmark, full body symmetry, center of gravity as well as the tissue quality. For instance, someone may have pain in their mid back. The mid back tissue must be released in order for the spasm to alleviate. However, if the mid back issue comes from a rotated hip that comes from a spiral in the knee that comes from a high arch, then the mid back spasm will return. A Fasciologist  is trained to seek out the root cause of every ache and pain, and prevent future issues in a pain free person or athlete.

MFT is also unique in the actual treatment. It may sound simple, but all MFT is performed with either hands or a tool, by a practitioner or self-treating. What makes MFT so advanced is the new understanding of anatomy in a multi-dimensional way taking into consideration the four different types of fascia as well as traditional anatomy and how they interact. A Fasciologist maps and explores the soft tissue, reaching every corner of the body, similar to an ant carving out pathways inside an anthill. This mapping allows a practitioner or educated self-treater to work deeper and more effectively in lengthening fascia, releasing fascial adhesions, penetrating muscles, and ultimately effecting the quality of tissue inside the joints.

Most clients claim that they have “never felt anything like MFT before”, and keep in mind that my clients are usually educated about their bodies and have been seeking treatment from every angle. This unique experience is a result of the mapping, allowing access to the body in a new way, opening the deepest structures. Fasciologists can make impact where previously only surgery could reach. This is so profound because the ultimate goal is to create Structural Integrity, and other techniques simply cannot get deep enough to permanently move the physical structure into place. Massage-esque treatment can loosen hamstrings and minimize “knots”, but they cannot unspiral a knee, drop a shoulder, straighten a pelvis, mobilize a vertebrae etc. Remember that the INTENT of MFT, from the first “touch,” is to impact the overall physical structure.

MFT Manual Fascia Treatment paired with Stretching Fascia Technique (SFT) can literally create Structural Integrity for the human body, even if one is not “hurt.” Having Structural Integrity can actually prevent injuries, make your body LOOK amazing in addition to “curing” aliments. Paired with Mechanical Integrity, the results are permanent.

MFT is available through practitioners as well as self-treatment DVD programs and products. Contact us with your needs.