Weight Loss & Fascia

by Ashley Black


In this day and age where everyone seems to be pressed for time and in a rush, making time for yourself and investing in your health seems to have been put on the back burner. While our body is so important and ensuring it is functioning optimally should be the #1 priority, we never seem to have the time. Work, family, day-to-day chores, and commitments seem to consume every minute and any “me time” is spent vegging out and trying to catch a breath. We go on and on in this cycle and then one day look in the mirror and think “When did THAT become ME?”.

And so we make New Year’s resolutions, promise ourselves we’ll “start on Monday”, and create unrealistic diet plans and expectations. But every year, gyms are full in January and by February, they’re empty again. Why? Because we get discouraged. Putting in an effort is only worth it if we’re seeing results, and for some reason, they’re just not coming. Why is it that you’re exercising and not seeing the results you should be? If you’re eating right, exercising and are active; why isn’t your body changing!!?

Even if you’re working with trainers, doing all of the “right” exercises, eating 5 heads of lettuce a day, and are fully committed, you are missing a key component. If you know me, you know what I’m about to say. That’s right … it’s FASCIA!

If this is the first time you are hearing about your fascial system, then you’re about to have your mind blown! I would love for you to first read the blog I wrote explaining fascia in detail so you can have a full understanding of this complex network and how we can impact it to better our everyday lives! You can also listen to my radio show where I talk about fascia and wonder… “how the ‘F’ did we miss this?”  

Fascia is the connective tissue that is all over, within, enveloping, and penetrating every system of the body. It is no wonder that it would have such an impact on our everyday lives, but the masses seem to be clueless about its importance. If fascia runs from head to toe, fingertip to fingertip, and all throughout – how could it NOT play a role in our fat loss?

When your fascia gets tight, it restricts blood flow and nerve signal which are both vital for muscle output and access. You cannot fire your muscle if the signal from the brain is cut off. You can’t build muscle if there is no blood supply to the area. A Major League Baseball player even flew me out to his camp once because he was unable to throw without pain. He needed to release the fascia in order to establish proper blood flow to the area! You can clearly see how the fascia restricts the blood flow in the video below and it’s just a great demonstration of how fascia can screw up your weight loss and “functioning” attempts.

Here’s how fascial recoil affects blood flow:

  • Cardiac output is significantly reduced which means you are going to burn less calories and fat per workout session than if your blood was flowing freely. Isn’t that disheartening? Someone with healthy fascia will actually burn MORE calories than someone with dysfunctional fascia!
  • Inefficient breakdown of fat. Fat cells require oxygen in order to break down. What carries oxygen to the fat cells? You got it — your blood. Less oxygen to the fat cells means inefficient breakdown of fat. Again, why is this not being talked about in every gym if everyone wants to get shredded? Restore the fascia and bring on the oxygen, baby!
  • Nutrient transport is reduced. Because blood carries the nutrients to the cells, tight fascia restricts the transport of the protein, collagen, and elastin that makes the skin look youthful and more supple. I explain more in this whiteboard demonstration:

We also have had great results with “Mommy tummies” and even the dreaded belly overhang!

Get Rid of Mommy Tummy with the FasciaBlaster®

The FasciaBlaster® assists with eliminating the dreaded Mommy Tummy

This is further evidenced by these pictures of the neck area of these women who did not have cosmetic surgery and used the FasciaBlaster® to demonstrate this concept.

  • Inefficient development of muscles. If the blood can’t carry nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, glycogen can’t break down efficiently in order to build more muscle mass.

Less muscle mass = less calories burned at a resting rate.

I think this is something that people just don’t get! We have the “skinny culture”, but if you’re skinny without muscle, you will have to eat almost nothing to stay there. I want you to eat well, have nice tone AND have the ability to condition your muscles!

Now do you understand why you may see some areas of the body shrink faster than others?

You will see MORE muscle definition after opening the fascia! Better blood flow, better fascia, and better nerve activity in different parts of the body explains it! Check out these pictures of first time FasciaBlaster® users and you can see a huge change in muscle definition after just a few minutes of FasciaBlasting!

Even if you are severely overweight, restoring the fascia with the FasciaBlaster® should be your first stop! These women’s incredible results are from using the FasciaBlaster®:


Fascia and Your Nerves

If you have done squats and lunges endlessly and can’t grow a butt or get rid of that inner thigh jiggle, or if there is another area of the body that you just can’t seem to either reduce or build, your fascia might be on your last nerve—literally! Tight fascia impedes nerve activity the same way it impedes proper blood flow.

The following videos show how the FasciaBlaster® gives these athletes access to their muscles, which I like to refer to as your “fat burning engines”.

MLB player explains how the FasciaBlaster® wakes up his leg

Figure competitor gets hip flexors for the first time

It pains me to see people working out in the gym like crazy with NO muscle access, looking the same month after month. If your fascia is healthy and open and you’re training smart, your body should change QUICKLY!

The nervous system is the super highway of communication between the brain and the body. If one route in the body is blocked by tight fascia, the nerve signal will reroute to another part of the body in order to get the job done. I’ve treated NFL football players who could do full squats and never fire their quads for this exact reason! Every other muscle in the leg would fire up except the right ones for the job. It doesn’t matter how many trainers you hire, or how much money you throw at the problem, the fascia must be addressed.

Here’s what happens when tight fascia is restricting your nerve signal:

  • Muscle access is cut off. If your fascia is choking out your nervous system, your muscles simply aren’t going to fire properly. This is clearly demonstrated in the videos above.
  • Calorie burning is restricted. Much like how restricted blood flow affects how you burn calories, restricted muscle access does, too. If you aren’t firing and building muscle, you aren’t burning calories as efficiently as you could, especially if the large muscle groups aren’t getting proper nerve activity!
  • Injury becomes more common. When the body is constantly trying to reroute nerve signal and the wrong muscles are firing for what the body is requiring, the body is knocked out of homeostasis and injury occurs. And when you’re injured, you’re less active and more likely to just enjoy junk food on the couch (allow the guilt to set in)! I explain this more in this episode of my Billionaire Healthcare radio show.

Fascia, Pain, and Orthopedics

Speaking of injuries, every day I get messages from people who are trying to get in shape but they just keep hurting themselves. That’s because fascia is one ginormous web all throughout the entire body and it can twist and torque anyway it wants. If a person who is inactive has unhealthy fascia, they aren’t going to notice it much. However, as soon as they start moving around and becoming active, the entire fascial system will be called upon. When there are kinks and knots throughout the system, there is bound to be trouble! Loosening the fascia promotes optimal blood flow and nerve activity, which supports balance throughout the musculoskeletal system.

Those with dysfunctional fascia have a harder time losing weight. But now, restoring your fascia from the comfort and convenience of your own home IS possible with the FasciaBlaster®! There is finally a tool you can use to take your health back into your own hands and truly get the results you’ve been working hard for! You should also try my I.C.E.® Foundations DVDsa 4 part DVD series with exercises that reinforce healthy biomechanics to build muscle, burn fat, and keep fascia healthy.

Using the FasciaBlaster® can improve your metabolism:

That’s right! Using the FasciaBlaster® causes two different fat metabolic response processes – lipolysis (breakdown of fats) and thermogenesis (heat production in organisms) – to naturally occur in the body. You can literally lose inches, just like these users! I explain the whole concept in depth in this blog about Fat Loss, Fat Lysis, and the FasciaBlaster®. Muscle contraction and FasciaBlasting help to convert the “white fat” from inactivity and excess energy intake (calories) into “brown fat”. Basically, the body is STORING LESS energy (calories) and BURNING MORE! #yay


No matter what your favorite sport, exercise, or workout routine is, make sure you give yourself that extra boost — the FasciaBlaster®! You’ll be amazed at the HUGE difference you see in your muscle access, output, performance, and recovery, increased blood flow and nerve activity and fat loss results!