10 Commandments of I.C.E.®

by Ashley Black

I.C.E.® (Inner Core Exercise) training focuses on the following essential elements:

(1.) Functional Muscle Memory

Changing muscle firing patterns to route through the Inner Core

(2.) Strength

Muscle strength development from the inside out: origin to insertion (tendon to tendon), all fibers, strengthening joints as well as muscle bellies (center of muscles)

(3.) Flexibility

Healthy range of motion at every joint, including segments of the spine, lengthening muscles and fascia, while using our body’s reflexes

(4.) Biomechanics

Moving our bodies with the right muscles, in the right order and in the right position, with stability and functional mobility

(5.) Cardiovascular Health & Fat Burning

Increasing the heart rate to burn fat and promote heart health

(6.) Proper Alignment & Posture

Our physical structure, symmetrically balanced with proper spinal position and other skeletal alignment

(7.) Fast and Slow Twitch

Red and white muscle fibers and neurological activity that translates into function, such as sprinting or perfecting a golf swing

(8.) Balance/Coordination

Stability from the inside out, automatic muscular response to our changing environment and physical challenges; muscles working in harmony like a symphony

(9.) Sexual Enhancement

Using pelvic muscles as part of exercise and daily activities to strengthen muscles used for sexual activity giving more control and intensity

(10.) Use of Breath

Enhancing muscle contractions and relaxation of compensating muscles through breathing and energy transfer

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