I.C.E.® Difference

by Ashley Black


I.C.E.® is not a new trend | I.C.E.® is not a “spin” on another type of exercise | I.C.E.® is not about a gadget


The I.C.E.® invention is what is missing in all other types of training.

I.C.E.® – Inner Core Exercise – is the only exercise program that teaches you how to strengthen and engage all of the muscles in your Inner Core Complex.  By learning this method, your body will become more efficient in every activity you perform.  You will look better, feel better and be healthier with every move you make.

With today’s busy lifestyles, it is important to MAXIMIZE time and effort.  I.C.E.® is efficient and effective–it delivers INCREDIBLE RESULTS — FAST!  I.C.E.® total body conditioning will help you get stronger, burn fat and increase flexibility in one workout–with a host of other benefits built in.

No other training program is as comprehensive, affordable, and systematic.

I.C.E.® training has produced amazing results for rehab patients, fitness enthusiasts, medical professionals and a host of professional athletes in the PGA, NFL, NBA, MLB, LPGA, MMA, and Olympics.

Inventor, Ashley Black has certified medical professionals in the I.C.E.® method at some of the country’s best hospitals.  She has also certified personal trainers at high-end fitness and athletic training facilities around the world.  Until the exciting release of the I.C.E.® DVDs, the only way to learn I.C.E.® was directly from Ashley, her staff or her certified practitioners.

I.C.E.® is a systematic series of exercises that unfolds in scientific order.  The idea is to exercise with Ashley on a regular basis and learn the I.C.E.® technology.  Once you learn I.C.E.®, it will become a part of everything you do.

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