I.C.E.® Plank Difference

by Ashley Black

There are many schools of thought around physical activity that incorporate a “plank” in some form or another. It is marketed as both an abdominal workout and back exercise.

At The Fasciology® Institute, there is a profound difference between a plank and the I.C.E.® plank. The position of the spine completely alters which muscles are being worked. With I.C.E.® and MATRX® methodologies, you will use the “secret muscles” that make up proper posture and you will learn how to use the POWER OF THE PLANK® to become safely stabilized and strong.

I.C.E.® research shows that the difference in one inch of spinal curve can change the exercise from amazing to dangerous! A plank done in “correct spine” is one of the most effective ways to condition the Inner Core.

But if the spine is not correct, you could be hanging from dysfunctional muscles, straining compensatory muscles and reinforcing ill posture. Unfortunately, many programs on the market demonstrate the PLANK in this dangerous position.

The plank is a very powerful neurological exercise. The position you perform it in tells a large amount of nerves that the spine should be “held” in that position. So when you do the I.C.E.® plank, you are changing your spine to hold you with the proper center of gravity.

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