Inner Core

by Ashley Black

Secret of the Inner Core

Let’s talk about the “Secret Muscles” of the Inner Core.  They are the CENTER OF GRAVITY and CENTER OF POWER for the body. The Inner Core is made up of the muscles we could only see if we removed all the outer layer of muscles.  It is literally our inner layer.  Omitting a focus on the Inner Core is like building a skyscraper without a foundation. You just can’t do it.

I.C.E.® defines the Inner Core as:

(1) The Transverse Abs (TA):
The Transverse Ab is a large “cummerbund” shaped muscle that attaches on the front of our spine and goes all the way around to hold in our abdominal contents.  Its action is to draw from front to back compressing around our internal abdominal organs.  The ONLY way to condition the TA against gravity is in a face down position, suspended against gravity while maintaining proper spinal alignment or “correct spine”.   Having a de-conditioned TA will cause you to have a “potbelly” even if you are lean.

(2) The Multifidus Group:
Multifidus muscles are very important because they run INSIDE the spine and support the spine much like scaffolding.  The fitness and medical industries generally do not know how to properly condition these muscles, despite the fact that they are vital for the prevention of back pain and for spinal stability.  I.C.E.® knows and teaches the “trick” to turn on the multifidus group and make this part of everyday life.  This is a HUGE discovery and a significant technology found only in I.C.E.® training.

(3)The Pelvic Floor:
Yes, the Kegel muscles. They line the underbelly of our pelvis acting like a hammock to hold our abdominal contents up and in.  I.C.E.® training teaches the nervous system to fire the pelvic floor as a part of the Inner Core unit, helping stabilize the pelvis and aid in pelvic health.

Our Fasciology® practitioners will help you through the “learning curve” and teach YOU how to capitalize on the power of the “Secret Muscles” of your Inner Core.

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