Back Pain Case Study

by Ashley Black

A female colleague hep athlete (which includes high jump) had a herniated L4 and L5. She tried injections, adjustments, stretch therapy, physical therapy, and was still unable to get symptom relief.  The pain was so severe that she would be unable to walk after a training session. Her pain was a self-described “10.”

She then began I.C.E.® training. After six weeks, she was not only “pain-free”, she was achieving her personal best in all events.

We were excited to compare her “after I.C.E.®” MRI with her previous ones to see what exactly had changed. We theorized that bigger muscles increased vertebral space and that the disc had moved back into position. To our astonishment, only one thing had changed.

The herniation’s were WORSE. And yet she was out of pain and competing at an even higher level of function. At that point, we began to shift our attention to designing a program that would work over and over again for a host of back pain symptoms.

We currently theorize that I.C.E.® is so successful for treating back pain for a very simple reason. The intervertebral muscles and other stability muscles are strong, flexible and “ready” to act with human movement. Without I.C.E.®, we walk around like a “jelly donut” with “mush” for an Inner Core. It’s no wonder why the surface muscles are tight and achy. They are doing all the work, dysfunctionally. With I.C.E.®, we are shielded from compressive and unbalanced movement by an internal armor.

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