I.C.E.® For Disc Problems

by Ashley Black

We utilize MATRX® and PlyoStretch® to make the necessary postural and structural changes to relieve the pressure. In doing so, we create space where there is compression. We use I.C.E.® Training to address the collapsing spine.

Disc problems can be the result of weak or aging spines. However, just because you have a disc diagnosis does not mean you are doomed to a life of back pain.

There is a correlation of disc problems and back pain not a CAUSE and effect. If the muscles inside the spine are weak and tight, then they cannot do their job of holding the individual joints of the spine off of the disc.

When we move the spine our discs can get “squished” and the body responds by tightening muscles of the Outer Core. After time, we just quit moving certain segments of our spine altogether – making them tighter and weaker.

The challenge is to relieve pressure off the disc. Fortunately, I.C.E.® is highly effective at minimizing and sometimes removing all symptoms of disc-related pain. I.C.E.® strengthens and stretches the muscles inside the spine creating “space” between the vertebrae. I.C.E.® also teaches the muscles to “come on” when we move, making our spine more stable and putting our disc at less risk.

Take a look at a case study for disc problems.

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