I.C.E.® Is More Effective

by Ashley Black

Why I.C.E.® Is More Effective Than Traditional PT
Most traditional programs address that core stability is needed to help with back pain. What is not available on a large scale is HOW to achieve core stability.

Aside from I.C.E.® training, there are no exercises in existence that focus on turning on the Transverse Abs (TA) to FIRE THE MULTIFIDUS as part of human movement! These are the very muscles that support our spine ON THE INSIDE and are the KEY to spinal health and human movement efficacy. I.C.E.® teaches you to train and use the multifidus with every movement, by teaching you how to contract the TA during all spinal movement patterns.

The Muscle Component
Traditional bodywork falls short in creating strength in the Inner Core Complex. They often incorporate exercises like pelvic tilts laying on your back or a ball, crunches, getting into quadruped (dog position) and lifting the arms and legs, or similar exercises. These exercises do not force an activation of the TA and therefore the multifidus cannot fire.

The Nerve Component or “Muscle Memory”
The Nerve Component is virtually overlooked in traditional rehabilitation. Even if you have a very strong core, you must activate it in your daily activities and sports or it does you no good. I.C.E.® teaches the Inner Core Complex to act with the Outer Core to stabilize ALL movement. So when you bend over to pick up your groceries, pitch a baseball or deliver a tackle, your brain will send the signal for the Inner and Outer Core to help. Our Inner Core will even fire as a part of posture in sitting and standing, protecting our spine.

The Tissue Component
Flexibility is built into the movements of I.C.E.® for the Inner and Outer Core. As you perform I.C.E.®, your core temperature will raise and loosen muscles. Then, I.C.E.® exercises maximize range of motion so there is no need to do additional stretching. When muscles are strong and neurologically “ready” and flexible, they are less likely to spasm. Many cases of back pain are caused by tight muscles – aching and compressing the spine. NO OTHER rehabilitation program utilizes our body’s stretch reflexes the way I.C.E.® does to maximize core flexibility. We also incorporate MATRX® and PlyoStretch® methodologies to restore the intrinsic muscles of the spine.

The Uniqueness Component
Ashley Black, her staff and her certified practitioners are the only people that understand the theory, philosophy, background, efficacy, methodology and delivery of the Fasciology® method. I.C.E.® movements and results are completely unique to the I.C.E.® training experience

Why I.C.E.® Is More Effective Than Core Training
Most “core” training should actually be called Outer Core training. Anything that you do for your core on your back or standing does not force activation of the Inner Core. This includes Pilates, any form of a crunch, med ball, etc. So more often than not, the Inner Core is overlooked.

In EMG studies of the Outer Core to measure the intensity of the contraction, the Outer Core contracted 120% harder with I.C.E.® training than all other forms of exercise. The microvolts were also more consistent. The Inner Core was also activated and contracting at its MAXIMUM!

In conclusion, I.C.E.® contracts the Outer and Inner Core harder and more consistently than any other exercise. I.C.E.® is THE MOST EFFECTIVE and SAFEST way to train your core, period! So the question is, why would you do anything else?

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